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Gossip girl is about several main characters living in upper east side Manhattan. The main characters are battling with a website the unveils heir every secret and follows their every move through out the city and with each other. (list a few main characters refer to visual aid) BODY: THe setting of the show like I mentioned previously but is not exclusive upper east side Manhattan. The show really does an excellent job of really making you feel apart of the lavish part of the city.

A. What really draws you in is being able to get out of this considerably small town and you get to be a part of one of the most exciting cities in the world, New York. B. The show does an excellent job with taking crisp shots of city leadings and characterizing the five burrows 2. The plot hooks you right from the first “Hello upper east ciders” the show really acts likes its talking directly to you making you feel even more apart of the fabulous main characters lives. A.

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The constant scheming keeps you on your toes. B. You are always trying to be nonstop ahead to figure out gossip girls next move and then just when you think you have it all figured out the show makes an unexpected twist 3. The different relationships have you hooked from the beginning for me personally I find myself being sucked in and rooting for a certain relationship… M sure a lot of people would relate to being emotionally invested in the couples of gossip girl. A. Dan and Serene – common day Romeo and Juliet B.

Rufus and Lily -Dan and Serene parents (OH SNAP) C. Blair and Chuck – teaches you that you really can have it all CONCLUSION l. Bottom line.. What gets you hooked on the show is the lavish setting, the scandalous plot, and the emotional investment you put into each relationship. . So get on Nettling, get on Hull, maybe even go a little crazy and buy the box set whatever you do watch the show because you deserve to be an upper east sided, at least for a few hours any way.

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