Natural Law Is A Very Fair Way Of Makin Assignment

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Therefore allowing for some measure of flexibility and also work as a positive motivational tool. In addition natural Law seeks us, as humans, to push and become the best we can be. We are told to aim for a purpose and maintain an ordered society. Maintaining an ordered society, as well as certain other primary precepts, is a good system for preserving the environment. The theory isn’t belittling, and isn’t a “single factor theory” like utilitarianism. Alternatively others may argue that natural law depends on accepting the view that good is what is found in nature. However, they may ask ‘Is everything found in nature good?

Are cancerous tumors good? If their goodness consists in fulfilling the functions of a cancerous tumor, those who experience then at first hand would be hard pushed to agree. Furthermore natural law could result in poor outcomes if the primary precepts are rigidly clung to. In terms of sexual ethics, Natural Law would rule out contraception – the removal of contraception in many strictly religious countries has already led to more and more cases of AIDS across the globe. Moreover the theory is arguably based on outdated social norms and is not relevant to modern society.

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In terms of sexual ethics, it is not socially acceptable to suggest that homosexuality is immoral. Furthermore, society has moved on since Quinoa’s time; sex for pleasure is just part of our society – it’s not necessarily moral, it’s just different to what Aquinas would’ve liked to see ‘back in the day’… Moreover do not consider natural law to be the best approach to solving some ethical issues as it does not sufficiently consider the people involved or their situation, so it may seem too harsh to apply to many emotional problems.

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