My Trip to the Dominican Republic Assignment

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Everyone wants to take a trip to an exotic place like; Australia, Brazil, or maybe even the Dominican Republic. Its Just something that is on people’s minds because they want to travel somewhere besides what they have already seen. I took that exotic trip to the Dominican Republic and it was definitely life changing. It was a different experience compared to what I had seen in the United States. Everything there was so beautiful but it was also hard to see all the poverty in some parts of the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic was a vacation I will never forget because all the beautiful things that stood out there. Some of the stuff that was very cool about that place was how everyone there was kind-hearted and how they were all so happy no matter what. The people who went on this trip for eight nights and nine days were; my mom, my twin brother, and my aunt. We all knew it was going to be a different experience from all the other vacations that we have ever taken. It was a weary decision to go to the Dominican because Haiti is on the other side of that Island.

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Haiti s where the that horrible Hurricane happened and that happened a couple years ago (they are still cleaning up till this day). Its hard to go some where on vacation knowing that we were on the other side of Haiti, but we couldn’t help them because the resort said it was still pretty unsafe to go over on that side of the Island. Although the surroundings were all different, the island was super pretty! The sun was so bright and it felt like a sauna everyday. We would go to breakfast at around nine am everyday otherwise we couldn’t eat till later since they had a certain time everyone would eat at.

The food was so fresh and delicious, I ate pineapple all the time because it was so Juicy and good! After that we would head to the beach and boy was it super hot, we all felt like we were cooking in an oven. I would put on so much sunscreen Just to not get burnt but even though I did that, I still got super burnt. It was like a stinging pain of needles in my skin every where. The air was so refreshing and Just laying out and tanning, while listening to the waves crash on the here, made me not even think about life and how stressful it is.

Going on vacation is always a plus and never makes me unhappy because the beauty of everything keeps me happy! Some of the things that were disturbing about the vacation were; how much poverty their was, how a lot of the kids couldn’t afford school, and some other things such as Haiti. These things were on our minds daily after we had come back from our trip, to the Dominican Republic, because we couldn’t help out as much as we wanted to while we were there.

It was mostly a vacation but we also decided to bring a bunch of coloring books, coloring pencils, crayons, markers, erasers, calculators, and pencils for school. It was such an experience to see one of the church’s and school’s they go to because it was in horrible condition compared to our school’s and church’s here. When I saw these kids faces light up with happiness after they got their coloring books and pencils from us, they had never had such great stuff before we had given them that stuff.

While we were there we also brought some candy and handed it out o the kid’s because we thought they deserved it for going through so much. Experience what these kids and parents go through everyday. We witnessed a bunch of poverty; which includes people living on the street, in tiny huts, and not having jobs. Its heart-breaking seeing all of it because then you realize that you have such a great life compared to the people there. I know after having vacation time and helping people while I was there; I would say that helping the people by giving them stuff was by far the best experience.

I wanted to cry after I left those people because it made me see how blessed I am to be where I stand today. The emotions people will feel after helping someone like that will never leave your memory because it will be life changing. The places to travel are unthinkable but the place we chose to go to was the best by far because of all the new things I saw and learned from being there. The Dominican Republic is the last place I would have ever thought would have poverty because it seemed like such a pretty place to be and the resort was gorgeous.

It Just goes to show that outside that resort their is so much more going on than you think while you are relaxing in the sun on the beach or by the pool. I know when I first got there I wasn’t thinking about the people but Just about going to the beach and the pool everyday. Now that I have seen everything there is in the Dominican Republic that people struggle with, it is hard to complain about my daily life because they have a lot more to worry about than I ever will. That is my experience (my memorable vacation) to the Dominican Republic and I will definitely go back one day.

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