Media Puts a Negative Stereotype on Genders Assignment

Media Puts a Negative Stereotype on Genders Assignment Words: 314

The topic for our debate is whether media puts a negative stereotype on genders. We, the affirmative team, believe that our statement is true. It is very disappointing that In our progressive nature of our modern world, gender stereotypes are still evident In our media. Recently, there has been a focus on gender discrimination within politics. The first speaker from the negative team has tried to tell you…. This Is wrong because…. He/she has also said that….. This Is wrong because…. Our first speaker has already explained….

Today I will be talking to you about two points….. Now, my first point Is that media gives a negative portrayal of women as people who are aesthetically pleasing rather than for their outstanding achievements; a negative message for young girls. Recently, Julia Gaillardia has passed the monumental National Disability Insurance Scheme which benefits for around 400,000 Australians with permanent disability, but instead of focusing on national matters, it has come to the publics attention that Gaillardia is exposing too much cleavage in parliament or that she is a ‘quail’ who possesses ‘small breasts, huge thighs in a big red box. These offensive comments undermine her powerful position as prime minister and shifts focus towards her physical appearance. On the topic of body image, the portrayal of women, especially supermodels, portrays an unrealistic view of “perfection” to young girls. It is something that has been exaggerated through the media and the commercialism’s of models. My second and final point is that men tend to be portrayed as the superhero, while women tend to be sexualities in videotapes and movies.

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Most heroes and protagonists, particularly in prime time programming tend to be male. Children now found that majority of female characters in video games were scantily clothed and highly sexualities. Some popular video games even portray violence against women.

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