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As Tim Edwards states, “men’s style magazines are cultural texts and, s such, any analysis of their significance in terms of masculinity is essentially an analysis of representation” (1997: 134). Men’s Health is a men’s lifestyle magazine targeted at, you guessed it, men. In particular metronome’s men who are interested in leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of themselves and their outer appearance. You could say that Men’s Health displays almost every prejudice and preconceived notion about men presented within the pages of the magazine.

The way in which they target these men is by adhering to their particular interests and values which re personal upkeep and healthy living. They portray these values through their articles on fitness, nutrition, healthy lifestyles through fitness and nutrition and, to keep it a bit more interesting, articles on other things relevant and interesting and to men such as relationships, finances, travel and fashion.

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Men’s Health lures men into buying and reading their magazine by placing healthy looking men who look like they follow a healthy lifestyle because they have chiseled abs and look desirable and sometimes have these toned men standing with gorgeous women to make these men spire to be like them and to make them think that the way to be like those men on the covers is to buy the Men’s Health magazine as it will let them in on the secret to being sexy and desirable. Magazines like Men’s Health encourage men to be more ‘open’ about themselves (to talk about their feelings, for example), while bringing into the open certain (previously repressed) aspects of masculinity including more public discussion of men’s relationships, fashion and health” (Stevenson, Jackson and Brooks, 2003: 126). Men’s Health also advertises products to men to make them aware f the items and services that may help them achieve what they aspire to be, to become such men that are depicted on the covers, to be strong and desired, by purchasing and following what is being advertised.

The men in the advertisements also follow the looks of those on the cover, they are toned and gorgeous and also sell the products very well by portraying the lifestyle that the readers and consumers may achieve by purchasing what they are selling or by seeking the service that they are perseverant Ana supplying. As centerlines Laics says, “overstatement serves not o much to advertise products as to promote consumption as a way of life.

It educates the masses into an unappeasable appetite not only for goods but for new experiences and personal fulfillment” (1991 : 2). On the other hand there’s Cosmopolitan. It may also be seen as a lifestyle magazine as it appeals to women who are into the latest trends and tantalizing stories and they may attain that through Cosmopolitan. The target market differs between middle aged factionists to younger women who are new and fascinated by the world of style.

Cosmopolitan appeals to these target markets as the magazine Just oozes luxury from cover to cover. They pull the readers in with the high gloss of their cover with either a super model or a gorgeous super star on the front Just the texture alone says luxury but the cover girl adds to that feel by connoting happiness, attractiveness and independence making the readers aspire to be Just like them and what the magazine entails.

Just from the cover page alone we can deduce from the colors and headlines and iconic images that it is Just screaming at those women that with this magazine you will be loser to being the person that you wish to be than before you held their magazine in your hands, which is a luxurious, stylish, independent and happier than ever women. According to Machine and Thornburg (2003) what Cosmopolitan sells to its readers are not magazines, but independence, power, fun and presents playful fantasies.

If that hasn’t gotten them already there’s always the content. Their articles are Just what women look for in reading material. They put in lifestyle, travel, shopping, entertainment, fashion and above all beauty which is exactly what women who are hashing the latest fashion trends and seeking out the lifestyle of the stars would want to read about and know as they want to be the ideal woman that Cosmopolitan is selling to them.

The advertisements within the magazine are what the women would want such as the latest perfume, the latest designs or the most wanted Jewelry which they are providing the meaner of how to get your hands on them all the while still dangling the thought of how they aspire to be and without this product they will never achieve it because the women holding that bottle of perfume is gorgeous thin ND impeccably dressed, the model wearing those latest designs looks happy and Oh so beautiful and that Jewelry looks so luxurious that only someone living the high- life could afford.

Cosmopolitan has reached their market and have reached them very well as now these women who strive to be independent, luxurious, stylish and happy are buying and following the magazine religiously to try and obtain the lifestyle that Cosmopolitan so easily exudes. These two media products have kept their two very different target audiences in mind and they keep on printing their target audiences interests and values to keep them hooked on their promise of their desired lifestyle that they are selling.

Men’s Health are reeling in their dedicated readers by promising them good looks and a healthier lifestyle all while being the biggest stud there ever was while Cosmopolitan is keeping their high-class aspiring ladies hanging on every word as they do everything they can to grab onto their dream of being an independent, stylish and luxurious babe. Men’s Health reeks of masculinity whereas Cosmopolitan is bleeding luxury and femininity.

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