Sexism in the Media Assignment

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You can argue whether or not the media is sexist, about how women are portrayed and used in the media, and how it makes us feel about our selves and how we should be. In my opinion I think the media is sexist as they portray and advertise how women ‘should be’. Sexism is one of the 5 major forms of discrimination. Even though discrimination against males exist, it is very uncommon. In fact, sexism towards women have been so strong, there has been 3 huge feminism movements through out the last century. As for example do you see David beckham posing half naked on the front of FHM or Marie Claire?

I’m guessing your answers going to be a no. On magazines such a zoo or FHM you see a picture of usually a famous women posing half naked or with very little clothes yet on a women’s magazine you’ll see someone a famous women such as Jessica alba or Cherly Cole looking natural with clear skin nice clothes or something attractive that women will pick the magazine up as they will want to look like this but you never see someone like Danny Dyer or Brad Pitt Posing in little clothing on the front of us girls magazines. People aren’t born sexist and sexism is very much influenced by the media.

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Almost everything in the media defies women as an object and not an equivalent to men. A very big range of sexist is in the music world and the lyrics used my rappers and grime scene artists. They speak about women as if they are an object about how they’re going to have sex, slap , and beat them. In there videos ‘sexy’ women are walking around in bikinis and heels with tiny waists and big boobs its all extremely sexist and graphic. What women do and look like in the media reflect on teenagers a lot and make an impact on what they do and look like for example

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