Media in My Life Assignment

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When I wake up in the morning, music immediately emanates through my room and enters my ears. Getting out of bed at an early hour is much easier when my favorite song is acting as a substitute to the normal beep-beeping of a droning alarm. Task one of my day is to check my e-mail and my Facebook account. I really find satisfaction in sharing my current activities, photos, and information with my fellow Facebook acquaintances. Social networking is also a great way for me to stay in touch and stay updated with my friends and family who live far away.

After class gets out, I do my homework on my computer, taking advantage of the research engines online and programs such as Microsoft Word that allow me to insert my information and organize it accordingly. I also use other blogs, forums, wikis and podcasts that are relevant to the topic that I am studying. I spend a good majority of my free time watching and evaluating educational and entertaining television programs. Television keeps my attention and serves as a fun, easy alternative to learning and retaining all types of beneficial information.

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Some of the channels I enjoy watching are CNN, The History Channel, and ESPN Sports Center. When it comes to preferences, I enjoy entertainment media but at times I also enjoy things like the news and other informational media sources. Media is honestly the most efficient tool in obtaining information and entertainment. It also has the power to persuade and motivate its audience. For example, commercials and advertisements are very effective examples of persuasive media. Their complete intent and purpose is to get someone to purchase their product or buy into their ideology. Media can also grant much gratification to its users.

When desiring entertainment and information, media is what most commonly satisfies those desires. For example, recently in preparing for a baseball tournament, I wanted to know how to throw a knuckle curve-ball. I didn’t know anyone who had this skill so my source of information came from the internet, the internet being a type of media. It was very gratifying to be able to find this information quickly and easily through media. Media has a big influence on our culture, politics, and economy. Many opinions are strongly influenced in the areas of culture, politics, and economy because of the ways they are presented in modern media.

Our culture is based on what we learn on television, listen from the radio, or read from different printed media. The news keeps us informed about the evolution of our culture and how it grows over time. Media makes political thinking and finding political opinions easier for the people by providing more information for citizens to evaluate and consider. The internet allows one to obtain both positive and negative information about differentiating candidates or political points. The current economic state is often conveyed to the public through the media. One example of this is the stock market.

The public can be informed and make purchases depending on what the media is portraying about the different types of stock within the market. In conclusion, media plays a big role in my life from the time I wake up every morning till I fall asleep at night. Media has a huge impact on every ones everyday lives. The different types of media such as television, the radio, and social networking have a great influence over our perception of information and entertainment. Media has affected our society as a whole through persuading our views on culture, politics, and economics.

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