Media impact on women self esteem Assignment

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Media make some adjustments on the way models or famous actresses re represented in television, magazines and billboards. Kate Winglet, a famous actress from the movie Titanic. The magazine company had enhanced her photos before they appeared on the cover of GO magazine. Dylan Jones who is the G’s editor said the photos had been “highly styled, buffed, trimmed and altered… To make the subject look as good as humanly possible” ( We Women 2013). Kate told the media and GO magazine that she was not consulted about the digital alteration made to her photos.

Kate was upset with the lengthening of her legs and flattening her tummy, which was airbrushed down to two hired of her actual size to make her look like a supermodel. She stated in one her interviews “The retouching is excessive. Do not look like that and more importantly, I don’t desire to look like that”(We Women 2013). Also, the industries are portraying photos of imaginary waistline that are skinny, and look like a surfboard flat but with curves. Generally the power of advertisement in the media can harm the general public by making the female wanting to become how the media wants it.

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The mind of the males are manipulated to focus on their physical appearance rather than their personally. The purpose of Edie production is to make money and the way they can achieve this goal is through advertising beauty products and thin models to represent the product. When a females goes into a store to buy a product they hope to gain the same result that is shown in the product, but sometimes it doesn’t work. When females realize they cannot achieve the look on the products it leaves them disappointed and depressed. The severity of physical and mental damage can lead females to decline in social activities, extreme diet and do unnecessary shopping” Locales , Mejia 2009). Many women think if they go on a starvation diet t would help them fit into the society. Many females go into high levels of diets, such as eating disorders called bulimia, anorexia and binge eating disorders. Bulimia is an eating disorder that cause mental insecurities, which has symptoms such as vomiting, compulsive exercise, and taking laxatives that leads the body to lack in electrolytes (Bergamot, Neighbor, Mealtime 2009).

Anorexia is when females lose lots of weight by not eating and vomiting their food back out. Binge eating disorder is when someone is overeating with huge amount of food and feeling out of control and powerless to stop. Media can make a big influence among females and it causes danger to their health and selflessness. Skimming through channels on television they are gorgeous, thin models. When females are revealed to different lingerie commercials, such as, Frederick’s of Hollywood,Victorians Secret and Figs Leaves, they start comparing themselves to the model that are representing the brand and start to feel dissatisfied with their body.

Women’s selflessness is an important aspect of her image (Missilery,Semesters 2010). Females are thing about their low selflessness might not think it seems like a robber but it can lead to depression and attempt to suicide. If we educate the younger generation about our physical and psychological development takes place. Many young teens want to fit into the society, by first they need to be satisfied with their body image, developing a sense of social belonging and personal identity (Variation, Shapiro 2008). Eating unhealthy can affect the mood and cause a bad behavior because of feeling insecure” (Variation 2008). Other say, media is a good thing for society because using media to follow experts like doctors, dietitians, psychologist and therapist can help you change the “reality. Body image is the perception a woman when she looks at herself in the mirror. In fact, the influence of media on Ideal body image, which lead to anorexia or bulimia nervous, cannot be refuted, but media can change the everyday life of woman’s’ appearance.

Media should not portray an unhealthy image in minds of women or teens. Media should stop exposing unrealistic body images to the public, which is unattainable for many females. Women should use their common sense to tell that the attractive model that is representing the product is to be admired they should not compared themselves to the model. The society should make up their minds, that the media would is a negatively influence them towards them, where it is leading them to eating disorders and depression.

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