Media Analysis of Ghost in the Shell Assignment

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The Ghost in the Shell Imagine a overloud verse your mind could be transfer to another body, the possibilities that comprehending how the human mind works and tampering with it. Now what does that mean for us as science reaches a point where we can altered the very things that we use to define ourselves, whether it be our body or its memories. In Ohio’s film The Ghost in the Shell we follow the character Of Major Motor Signage in a futuristic cyberpunk Japan. In Guanine’s world we enter a society that has become capable Of enhancing the human body With cybernetic implants as well as creating full bodies for individuals.

Here we have a society that we can transcend the limitations our bodies have and enhanced ourselves to become better humans In this world Motor is a part of an elite anti. Terrorism unit, called section 9, that is tracking down a subdirectories amply named The Puppet Master that is coercing civilians to enact his deeds. But he isn’t simply physically forcing people to do his whims he alters everything about their mind to cause them to completely believe in the life he recreates for them to serve his purposes.

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In one scene it is revealed to one of his puppets that everything that he believed in was a falsely constructed life and his memories were deprecated by The Puppet Master who was using him to carry out his will. Memories, or at least the definitions that we use to define life as we know it, were forgotten and then a different one was put in its place. That is the future that science takes us and strive to be able to. We are struggling to securely understand the complexities of the human mind but what happens when science can figure out how to move memories, delete them, and even alter them.

Motor is a cyber-human vivo apparently has been given a completely man- dad body to do her work for section g and she struggles faith the notion of whether her mind is the actual Motor Signage. She is a human who doesn’t have a human body, we are shown her entire body being manufactured from the muscles, the bones, the organs, and even the mind. The things that make her human, her hands, her legs, and her Whole body can be recreated if she were to ever lose them.

As people begin to transfer their minds to new bodies and create robots to support the human race they begin to talk about this ghost of a human mind that is their definition of a soul. But in this form of the soul they call tit ghost because a shell of its former self as the human mind can no longer be its former self as science alters it. Here we are in a society that cyber enhancement are common and even can reach a point where there is more man than machine, but the definition that we use to define us as human beings go straight out the window.

Even the mind can be altered and as Motor is fighting a terrorists that capable of altering its victim’s lives, it’s something that she strains to come to terms with. When science is capable tot recreating people how much weight does our memories have in grasping whether or not you are alive? As Motor and the rest of section 9 finally catch the elusive Puppet Master they come to realize that the man they thought to exist was an artificial intelligence.

He was a machine created by the government to do all sorts of subterfuge for them until he went rogue This created mind with the ability to manipulate human minds found free will and started to do what it wish. Here we are shown this machine that makes us perplex over the concept Of sentient life and What to do With it. As the AAA. Proclaims itself to be alive it seeks out political asylum, directly telling s that he has sought a body so that he could attain the possibility Of dying.

Speaking as if he had found his own ghost and that he was wanted to do and What all life does live and die. A machine that could live as an immortal being pure data sought out a finite body so that it could die as well as procreate and As we tampered with the most intimate portions of the human body, the notions we use to define us as life forms get thrown into limbo. Ghost in the shell exposes us to a potential future and the struggles that come with it. When we reach the dream of being to alter our body and minds to this extent.

What happen to the beliefs we had in ourselves, when the limitation we have created tort us can no longer be used as definitions to understand ourselves. Science continues to push itself and with it 50 many new paths open up for us and even we will be create new forms of life that transcend our current belief of it. We already struggle with what defines us as individuals in life hut science will only continue to rework that definition and the conflict we have dealing with it. Will we be able to comprehend our ghost’s in our upcoming futures and will we even think of our bodies as nothing more than a shell?

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