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The Liberal Media Liberal is defined as promoting equality without order and the intervention of social programs. They push freedom instead of social issues. In the news we see on television daily has its own way of relaying the message. These modes of communication are either liberal or conservative. This is a form of media bias. Although most say this is a major misconception, and that it is a myth that these exist and there is just news but there is a spilt. All news station and television stations are privately owned allowing them to have their own mind in what is portrayed by their news reporters.

Most say that the War in Iraq was created by the liberal media. Stations such as CNN, MSNBC, are considered to be the Liberal Media. As the media is free to report what they want. As liberals are for social intervention of social programs and more government spending they promote war and favor government activism. Although most of what journalist report on is social there is a spectrum in which they either fall as liberal or conservative. The liberal media drives our view of our world. Showing only one side to stories they may report on.

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In 2001 after the attack on the World Trade Center the news led the idea that we would need to go into a war against Al Qaeda. Not only did the news do this but also war based movies that came out during the upcoming election. After September 11th John McCain (liberal) was aired on ABC two months after the attacks pushing the war on Iraq. This news cast on a news station about the war gave American whether liberal or conservative the push towards the war. Some say it is not reporters or editors, but the owners of media who decide the quality of the news produced by or televised by their news departments.

It is who most often select, hire fire, and promotes the editors and publishers, top general managers, news directors, and managing editors-the journalist-who run the newsrooms. (Alterman 27) Although people may vote a certain way we are constantly bombarded by the liberal opinion. Majority of our regular cable channels are liberally biased. Root of the Problem Now we have to ask ourselves how we have come up with this problem. Well we have to look at the journalist.

Many people so far have taken numerous surveys on political views and have found that the how far left or right the media is it begins with the journalist. In 1971 a survey was taken and it found that 53 percent of the journalists were liberal apposed 17 percent conservative. As the years progressed that number had grown to 61 percent liberal to 9 percent conservative in 1996, so we can safely say the liberal tendencies of our media has not swayed much from when World War II had begun. This definitely affects the way a certain station will be run leaving us with the question of, what constitutes as news.

Because the majority of journalists are single young women they are known for having more a liberal view when it comes to politics. “By diversifying the profession in one way,” Rosenstiel says, “they were making it more homogenous in another. ” (Barnes) Not only will replacing the journalist with a well balance political view recover our overload of liberal media, but just getting both sides to the stories reported on in the news. The recruiting of the workers for “liberal” colleges such as Yale has also put a dogma on our news casts.

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