Rumpelstiltskin Point Of View Assignment

Rumpelstiltskin Point Of View Assignment Words: 428

Good afternoon, my name is Reinstitution. Get settled down, cause I’m about to tell you the story of the time someone finally guessed my name. I was Just walking around the village when I heard terrible sobbing. So I go over there and see what’s up. I look through the window and see this girl crying In a room full of straw with a spinning wheel. I ask her what’s wrong and she explains to me that her father told the king that she could turn straw into gold. I told her I could do it, but I would need omitting in return.

So she hands me her necklace and I start doing my magic. I work all night to get that room full of straw spun. I’m walking again and I hear more crying. You’ll never guess who was crying. Navy’s, she offers me a ring to spin a room full of straw that was even larger than the last one. So I do it without complaining because I know she’ll run out of stuff to pay me with eventually. I’m walking around again and, big surprise, guess who’s crying. I go into the room and sky her what she’ll pay me.

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She says she had nothing else, so I tell her that I need her firstborn child. She agrees and I’m off to work again. All night again! How am I supposed to get any sleep? A year passes and the girl ends up getting pregnant. So when the baby Is born I walk Into the room and demand It. Never complained about the previous work because I knew the baby would be mine. She offered me all of the riches In the kingdom, but I wanted the baby. But I had pity for her, so I gave her 3 says to guess my name so she could keep her baby, but I doubt she would have guessed it.

My only mistake was the night before her last try. I started dancing around and was shouting my name and I guess that one of her spies was nearby. The spy reported back to the queen and she acted stupid at first, but then she shot me down and guessed my name. I got pretty angry. I stomped my foot and it got stuck in the ground. And then I tried to tear it out of the ground and ended up ripping myself in two. So I changed my name to Bad luck Brian after that.

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