How does social media affect the lives of students Assignment

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How does Social Media affect the lives of Students? Essay Draft Social Media affects the lives of students every day, in more ways than one. Social Media has become more popular over the years and many more sites have been made over the past few years. Most students, especially high school and college students, have at least one type of social media account. These accounts are time consuming to many people, some spend their whole day on these accounts and don’t do anything productive.

This can also cause student’s grades to drop because they aren’t spending enough time studying or doing their homework. One of my sources discusses the fact that 73 percent of teenagers use social media sites, and that the sites encourage inappropriate behaviors like alcohol and drugs, and also procrastination. A lot of students procrastinate doing their work and social media is most likely a factor. Although social media is somewhat helpful, it is also used way too much in todays society, students spend most of their day on social media ites, and in that time they could be doing something more productive with their time.

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Social Media is defined as websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. On social media, people are able to send out information to mass groups of people at a time. Many teenagers use the internet, and social media sites, to get new information. Many teens use the internet every day, even if they aren’t going on social media. Social Media can be used as an extension of oneself. Specifically, the sites Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr are social media sites that really allow for teens to express their personality using pictures, quotes, etc.

On the other hand, sometimes teens put too much personal information online, which isnt very safe. This personal information included where they live, their phone number and email addresses, where they attend school, where they work, and a number of things that they enjoy doing in their spare time. Academically, the amount of time teens spend on social media affect their studies. Many students don’t spend enough time on their studies because theyre spending so much time on social media. Literacy has also taken a dive in the past decade, which has caused many educators to question what can be done to help students improve their reading, writing, speaking, and thinking- all of the most basic skills for a successful future. ” Students, especially online, are starting to talk illiterately, in ‘text talk”. With this, they talk using improper grammar and spell using different keys using numbers as substitute for words, and shorten some words into letters so that it is easier or them to type.

Since they are using these “text talk” terms, their grammar isn’t what it what it should be, it is very poor, which reflects in their grades. Not only does Social Media affect their school careers academically, but some schools have actually made social media pages in order to relay information to students. Some sites can give students information from their schools that they need to remember. High School Students can also use these sites to get information about colleges and planning for after graduation.

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