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Bohemia and Moravia went to Czechoslovakia. Australia’s population from mom”. To 6. 5 mil. Vienna disproportionably big and lost industrial areas. One-third of G speaking AH population not part of A. The Treaty of Unlikely (Bulgaria) 1919 B had to pay reparations, army limited to 20,000. Lost its Aegean coastline. Greece Western Thrace, Dobra Romania, and Northern Macedonia Yugoslavia. Treaty of Titration (Hungary) 20 Treated as successor, Limit of men 35,000. Large amount of land. Borderland to Austria. Transylvania to Romania. Croatia and Slovenia to Yugoslavia. Slovakia and Ruthenium to Czechoslovakia. From 21 mil to 7. 5 mil.

Many Mayor;speaking to other countries + lost most of its raw materials. In ass and ass foreign policy dominated by desire to reverse the treaty and reunited Mayor-speaking -signed treaty w. Mussolini in 27. Its neighbors however signed treaty (R+ Czech+Hugo) with Little Entente in (20-21) fear of Hungary. Treaty of Severe (Turkey)20 Dreamless placed under International Commission and permanently open to international shipping. Lost rights to Sudan and Libya. Saudi Arabia became independent. Syria, Iraq and Palestine L ON mandates and administered by B and F. Greece received Turkish Aegean Islands+ Eastern Thrace. Sardinian autonomous,

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Armenia Independent. T of Lausanne (23) Altered parts of Severe Impact of treaties: Wilson could not join US Senate. Historian Henning: It was a crucial collapse rather than provisions of peace terms themselves, which ensured T of V was never fully accepted or enforced. The Whimper Republic tarnished by associations of the T of V helped create strong G. Nationalist movements. Forced to accept T of V in 1919, blamed on Socialist government+ agreeing to Armistice in ’18. Stabbed in the back by democratic politicians. Hitler wanted to reverse. Historian Crier- the treaty could have been much worse I. E. Rangeland independent state etc.

Must also be remembered G. Was given huge Russ. Territories After Brest-Litotes Treaty in ’18. Many historians say T of V dangerous On terms of G) because It was a half way house between generosity (not totally destroying G) and harsh treatment of Germany. B felt it has been too warm-blooded appeasement policies against G In ass. Pushed so G wanted revenge, but not to cripple. Len mid ass G the most powerful industrial *military power in E. Eastern boarders. Also later some of reparations negotiated. Keynes warns in 19 about the consequences: To fulfill requirements, Germany must have a greater trade than ever before.

Would endanger economic recovery in Europe. US insisted on repayment of debt from European states hi they had to get from G,. Germany hyperinflation in 23 in the Our Crisis. G reliant on US loans, especially after the Dates and the Young Plan (Yoga reducing reparations by G, Dates giving US loans) 0 wall street crash and depression. Henning very critical of US, points out trade one way, did not trade with Europe Just wanted back money. Map of E Europe transformed. For example Poland from old Germany, Russian and AH 0 hard with a nationality. Balance of power disrupted. Before it had been massive empires (AH Ottoman

Empire, German Empire Russia) now spilt into small independent states with fragile economies. Could not stand the aggressions of Hitler and Stalin. Historian Bell points out that T of V was build on a fragile foundation because once G and R regained strength their dominance would be restored at the cost of the new states. Economic life of AH disrupted by new successor states and limited economic resources, started out with taking land and resources, critical. Ethnic tensions 19 mil minorities in the new 9 states (Finland, Poland, Estonia,Latvia, Hungary, Romaniacezhcsloakia, and Yugoslavia) with total population of 98 mil. Czechoslovakia:

Six racial groups. Sutherland Germans 3 mil and 3 mil 3 mil Slovakia(Hitler used this to break up Czechoslovakia in 38-39). Dispute over Teaches undermined Polish And Correlations in interwar years. Villa (old capital of Lithuania) fighting between Poland and Lit from 19-20 until it became Polish German minorities Resentful, especially over Poland and Czechoslovakia. Austrian Germans resented the ban on unity between Austria and Germ. Hitler used this to Justify his aggressions for example Announces in Austria. Self determination had not been applied to Sutherland Germans. Poland part of his Lebensraum plans but also due to resentment.

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