History- nationalism, imperialism, etc. Assignment

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History- nationalism, imperialism, etc. Identify and Explain the historical connections between nationalism, the national state, Industrialization, Imperialism, and social Darwinism during the 19th and early 20th centuries. To what extent was World war 1 an outgrowth of nationalism, Industrialism, and Imperialism? K, here it is: you have to understand in Europe some countries were an magma of nations with different languages. Keep that in the back burner. Now: England and France were strong homogeneous countries – no other nation groups there, no other languages, very stable financially, doing well.

These are the national states. Pure! Other nations were a mess. Disorganized, struggling in their economies, with lots of different languages and nation groups among them. So, the Germans said, let’s Imitate England and France and have our own country with only our own people. This Is the start of the nationalism. They say Germany for Germans only. Get rid of everyone else. Germans started the nationalism. Example: , there were Slavs in Austria, Russian and Poland. So the said, we are going to get together and get away from Austria, Russia and Poland and make our own entry.

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They called that movement Pan-slavish. This is nationalism. Clear as mud? And of course, Austria Russia and Poland did not like that one bit. Yaw my teacher has a list often things for possible causes of www and destruction of Status- Hungarian empire Is one so maybe should put that instead of the Germany thing or both? He also said economic rivalry – sure because In order to become a great national state Like England and France, you have to have the money! And who ever could went to get another part of the world for Its own – first come first get.

England o India, Holland got Indonesia, French got parts of Africa, Latin America and today’s Cambodia and Vietnam. And that;s imperialism. Do you see how one leads to the other? Both, because Germany gave us lots of vocabulary like Folksiest or national spirit – horrible spelling those German words! And all the other language/nations said, “amen,” we will do the same. For example, the Austrian Empire was comprised of today’s Hungary, Czech Republic and Thus, European nations (not countries) started to shout for Independence. That Is nationalism. Words to remember In nationalism : Voltages or national split – The

Germans coined that word. Important movements in Europe: Italian Carbonic , Industrialization: the move from agricultural economy towards factory dominated economy. Cheap labor, great input of goods. England was the most industrialized country. Was always looking for raw material to work with in its factories, so went on to conquer the world = that’s imperialism Social Darwinism: the survival of the fittest when it comes not to nature, but to society. Spencer is the guy here. WWW : there was political upheaval in Europe with each nation wanting their independence.

There was industrialism that made the rich richer and the poor poorer and led to a) social disintegration and b) lots of production (think guns, etc) . And on top of that, strong European countries were conquering other countries right left and center and exploited them. All these factors led to a widespread dissatisfaction and when they found the excuse, the WWW came about. National states leads to Jealousy, others want the same, = nationalism. Industrialization = leads to imperialism, leads to social dissatisfaction how does social Darwinism fit in??

You are correct, C Darwinism was a naturalist and say about the evolution of species and the survival of the fittest. In economic terms, the guys that supported Social Darwinism, said that the same happens in societies The strongest wins. Therefore they subscribed to the free market economy the laissez-fairer (beginning of capitalism) And this is what the socialists did not want and that’s why Marx said, no! We need to have a central power to control and regulate everything so we can have equal incomes and not let the rich become richer with laissez-fairer .

Social Darwinism = laissez-fairer industrialization => imperialism Social Darwinism supports Imperialism. Everything is up in the air, a murder happens and everyone finds an excuse to go to war. B. What was the industrial revolution and why did it occur? Why did it occur: Britain was a) pretty stable politically b) had a lot of raw materials (coal, iron ore) and c)already had some colonies to provide raw material and a market place for the ready-made goods it produced. What were its effects and which effects do you consider the most important.

Explain Why. What was it: The shift from manual manufacturing and agriculture as main means of upholding the economy, to automated production in factories with the help of elaborate machinery. Key dates, 1760 – 1840 That’s the first phase. The second phase is from 1840 to shish the effects it had on the workers in factories etc… Too? Effects: imperialism because countries wanted to find raw material for their factories inventions : chemicals, steam power, metallurgy,etc. Economic growth child labor-exploitation arbitration population increase

Ululated = people who thought machines are from the devil! And went about smashing them. Not really from the devil, but they did not like what the machines were doing. Plus, they thought that handmade was more beautiful. Organization of labor-??syndicates and industries increased population density increased in cities ids its some wheel we drew separate spheres: men and women worked in different ways and had different things in life and in the way they provided for the family. Men= work outside the house. Women = stay home, take care of the household and the children.

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