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He said he realizes that the people will decide at the ballot box if the GET did not achieve its objectives, adding that there will be an annual review of the GET to make it difficult for the Government to run away from its commitment towards it.

Ninja added that an additional 4,000 security personnel added to patrol 50 crime hotshots in four states have brought crime down by 6. 7% between the second and fourth quarters of last year. In line with his administration’s “1 Malaysia: People First, Performance Now” policy, Ninja announced the six ANKARA in April 2009 to address the main concerns of the people. The concerns are mainly crime reduction, combating corruption, improving education, raising the living standards of low- income households, upgrading rural basic infrastructure and improving urban public rainspout.

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The GET is to flesh out the objectives and mechanisms to achieve set targets after getting feedback from the public last month. The public had cruelness and given their views on over 2,000 projects and 100 programmers during open days held in Fettling Jay, Kicking and Jota Kimball. Under the roadman for education, Ninja said high performing schools would receive REARM,OHO as an annual allocation and that secondary and primary school teachers would get RMI,OHO and REARM each respectively. He added that the performance of all 9,900 government schools would e ranked on a yearly basis.

He also announced the development of a national pre- school Information system and the setting up of a national committee on pre-school education with a pre-school division to govern all pre-school providers. School heads will also be given options to go on sabbaticals and professional development programmers, he said, adding that those who exceed targets under the new performance management approach in government schools would be given both financial and non-financial rewards. Teachers with heads who qualify will also get a financial reward, said Nasal. Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sir Sided Has said the 1. Million civil servants are not pressured to ensure the success of initiatives and strategies outlined in the GET. He assured that the commitment from civil servants was solid, adding that the roadman gives them direction and it was better for the civil servants. “Civil servants are also members of the public. Issues like reducing street crimes and eradicating poverty are also their concerns,” he said. On bureaucracy, he said: “that Is self made” adding that It was within the Interest of the evil service to eliminate bureaucracy to ensure the success of the GET.

Home Minister Dates Series Husbanding Hussein said the priority now is to execute what has been proposed. “I’m confident we can reduce the crime rate. Whether we do it with the public really feeling it, will depend on the implementation,” he said. Former Prime Minister Tune Abdullah Madam Bawd said the success of the Barista National will be determined by the results of the GET. Fully backing the programmer, he said, he was confident that It would be successful with a high commitment from the overspent, the initiatives and targets set under programmer would be delivered.

Omen, Family and Community Development Minister Dates Series Chartist Abdul Lila said the ministry will concentrate on eradicating poverty by December. She, however, said Malaysian need to change their attitude of being complacent expect handouts from the Government. Rural and Regional Development Minister Dates Series Shame Pedal said the ministry will take preventive measures to avoid bottlenecks in the administrative procedures as well as during delivery.

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