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The Affordable Care Act will make It mandatory for all Americans to own health insurance. “A shutdown will have a very real economic Impact on real people, right away. Past shutdowns have disrupted the economy significantly,” President Barack Obama said (Davis). A WHO 7 reporter was quoted as saying “that this shutdown could leave Americans having to dip into savings or delay mortgage payments, monthly car loan bills and other expenses. ” My first news source was USA Today and I started following on Friday September 7, 2013 and the first day they reported on what little leads they knew of at that point.

There were clear biases being reported from USA Today, stating that republicans are showing no signs of relenting to dismantle Beamer. Over the span of 4 days following this same news source opinions had changed, but not the news story. USA Today lead reporting article writer Susan Davis said on Day two that troops in Afghanistan would not be paid if the government shutdown and doesn’t reopen by October 15. Troops will be paid October 1, 2013, but the closure of federal overspent would mean troop’s paychecks would be delayed. Davis) while USA Today did show a clear bias on the first day that started following this story, by day four the reporter Just reported factual information as opposed to opinionated here say. My second source I followed for four days was from the SC Library and was full of biases from the author. The author stated that the government was preparing to “shut up shop” as the US enters the final countdown. The author was quoted as saying “the majority of federal workers who are deemed essential will have to keep irking without pay until congress approves new funding. All of these direct quotes were completely from opinion and not actually proven to be factual. On day two and day three the authors were reporting that the republicans were still struggling to strike a deal to keep government money flowing and stocks were amongst the worst hit. (Baht, Pig 7) These articles that I read were not from any major news source, but were still from a highly credible source. President Obama warned If an agreement could not be made it would force partial government shutdown of services deemed non-essential.

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Baht, Pig 7) Some details by all four sources were that no agreement has been able to be made and that the government shutdown is imminent. The Chicago Tribune was my editorial source that had definite biases and opinions as far as the subject of government and shutdown Is brought up. All four of my editorial pieces that I followed for four days were taking stabs at President Obama and 1 OFF about Republican John Bonder and how he is running congress. Tempers are running short in Washington and no one can seem to put down their swords and make an agreement for the good of the American people.

One editorial stated that ‘when you look at the greatest democracy in the world, largest economy in the world, and we’re putting our people through this, that’s not leadership, that’s abdication of responsibilities. ” (Baht, Pig 7) The federal government shutdown engenders dismay, confusion, and even outrage, so what do the American people do about it? Out of all of these editorials and interviews they frequently allege a lack of cooperation and compromise on both sides is what has caused our current government shutdown. NOTHING local news channel 7 reported this case as the top story four consecutive says.

As with all of the other local news in the area and the nation, this is the top story being reported. I watched the 5:00 p. M. News every night and the story never Changed overtime. The different reporters changed their reporting biases, but not the news story itself. Reporters from WHO TV discussed the topic of the Dayton VA and Headstand programs would not be impacted by this federal government shutdown. (WHIT, 5:pop. M. ) On day 2 reporters were discussing how a shutdown Mould send hundreds of thousands of workers home and inconvenience millions of people who rely on federal services or are drawn to the nation’s parks (WHIT, 5:30 p. . ). Many soon to be married couples were planning to hold their weddings inside our national parks and now all of the nuptials will either be put on hold or moved to different venue. Both WHIT and USA Today focused on the role of John Bonder :Ohio) Republican in Congress. John Bonder is in the hot seat in Washington and is not liked by many American people at this point (WHIT 5:pop. M. ). Simply put the government won’t have any cash. If the shutdown happens, planes won’t fall from the KY, air traffic controllers are among essential federal personnel that would stay on the Job (WHIT, 5:05 p. . ). Other political biases were being thrown at you and you are left to do your own decision making about what is really the truth and what is merely opinion. As the four days has progressed the government shutdown topic has lost momentum as far as it being as shocking to people as on the first day the news broke. The American people realize now that it is not as “serious” as our reporters are making it out to be. This isn’t the first time in the history of the government that the overspent has shut down temporarily and it certainly won’t be the last.

The truth is the government shutdown is only affecting a small percentage of Americans and after the two week shutdown is over they will be retroactively paid. So to the federal Markers who are on unpaid leave, they are going to be paid for the time that they Nerve not able to work. Granted every day that our government is shut down our economy is the one suffering. The average American probably has no clue what our national debt number is. The lack of spending plan will close federal offices, close arks, damage loan programs, and delay services for senior citizens, businesses, people, and veterans.

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