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The government loud always ban unhealthy foods or put taxes on them, but people who really want the fatty foods will find their loop holes. In Denmark the government tried to make a tax on fatty food which they called “fat tax’, which was a huge failure. “Fat tax was repealed after a year, because people just didn’t care” (Copenhagen post). People in Denmark bought cheaper food that was fattier for you because they are cheap, just so they could get around the tax. “The fat tax is one of the most criticized we had in a long time,” (Meet Jerks).

The fat tax was very unpopular because people in the country just had to go out of there way instead of getting what they wanted for retail price. Some people would even go out of the country to get food because it wasn’t a long drive and cheaper. The state of New York put a ban on large sugar drinks, but only fountain drinks. There’s too many loop holes that people will take advantage of,” (Milton Tingling). Which the judge is very right about because, people can just buy two 16 oz. Fountain drinks fifthly want the whole 32 oz. Or if the people want a master soda they could just go to the supermarket and get the whole liter soda. The loopholes in this rule effectively defeat the stated purpose of the rule,” the judge said. This is true because people will always find a way to get what they want, especially to the sugary soda. The ban didn’t work out due to the fact people will find ways around it. The government’s thought is since they provide health care for people that they should have a say in what people consume food wise. Fifth government provides healthcare for people, they can make laws against unhealthy foods that cause obesity or other health issues.

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They believe this because things like that can cause lots of issues like becoming sick and unemployed, which all could lead to the government having to pay for the welfare. I disagree because if people are unhealthy these bans won’t change how they live there life regardless of these bans. The people that want their fatty food and such will find loopholes around these laws and or bans. In America is our biggest issue person being obese? Do they have to put all this money in making these laws? Shouldn’t they be worrying about all the issues we’ve had with guns and such.

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