Examining Government Regulations Assignment

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The current government regulations or standards are intended to reflect experience and lessons on how policies, regulations and systems can be shaped to promote the development of a sound and responsive regulations. “When faced with federal, state. And local regulations, businesses must respond to the detriment of workers and consumers. According to Evader, businesses are forced to use their resources less efficiently. They operate in a less productive, more costly manner. The result is lower wages, higher prices, or both.

In any case, the result is a decrease in he standard of living for workers and consumers” (Catamaran, 1999). The government’s poverty line is used to determine eligibility in many assistance programs such as Medicaid, food stamps and cash welfare. The poverty counts are used to measure the economic well-being of at-risk groups of families and individuals and the effectiveness of government antipoverty programs. Many argue that the government’s poverty line should be higher due to the fact that many families have to chose what is more important clothes or a roof over their families head.

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Despite the fact that many communities recognize that the current government isolations or standards could use some Improvements. The kind of Impact that the regulations or standards have on the low-Income or poverty community is the need for the poverty line to increase. According to Employment Policies Institute (2002), ” The activists also use their higher thresholds to support proposals for an $8. 00 national minimum wage or $13. 00 or higher local government living wage mandates (Para. 6).

This shows that we need to increase the minimum wage In America to help prevent low-income families. Families In hardship or poverty should be rejected as a transparent attempt to build political purport for an agenda that includes higher minimum wages, living wage ordinances, higher taxes and mandated employee benefits. The Census Bureau currently publishes a wide variety of statistics on the poverty population, including its “experimental” poverty measurements that incorporate many of the NAS Panel’s recommendations (Employment Policies Institute, 2002).

Across America today many citizens, organizations, and communities are coming together not only help those who are In need by coming up with programs, donating money etc. The possible obstacles that are preventing resolution of the issues would be population and funding. Since each year the population in Washington County and the state of Oregon grows, there are more people and families needing assistance. Since the economic crisis Is getting worse and more and more people are out of work, only find the funding but to help everyone would desperately need it.

Derrick Span, Former National President of the Community Action stated that “It is imperative that En encourage a community dialogue to discover successful strategies and provide adequate funding aimed at eradicating poverty. ” This I feel is saying that without the immunities help and funding it will not be easy to provide assistance to those who to a great extent need it. The obstacles that would prevent from meeting the needs of the target population Mould be funding and workers. Since most of the funding come from taxes and there are so many American’s unemployed today due the economy, funding is very difficult to come by.

The unmet needs in Washington County is fighting poverty. Poverty in Instigation County continues to increase. Poverty is growing at an alarming rate that is likely to accelerate due to current economic conditions and according to the U. S. Census – 2007 Washington County Fact Sheet located on the community Actions Poverty in Washington County tab on the website the low-income population in Instigation County itself has increased 38 percent since 2000, twice the growth rate of the overall county population.

Nearly one-in-ten residents, live below the Federal Poverty Level, and 122,267 Washington County residents are low-income. The county’s population of people who are members of racial minority groups had increased from 18 percent to 29 percent of the total county population from 2000 to 2007, but while embers of minority groups constitute 27 percent of the county population, they comprise 52 percent of Washington County residents living in poverty.

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