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The government really needs to focus more on assisting the people who really truly need their help. They need to stop helping the ones in this magnificent country of ours such as: drug addicts, illegal immigrants, and all those people who live to take advantage of the system and find loopholes. They need to do background checks on the people who they assist and do quarterly personal check-ups to make sure they are spending this countries tax money on the right things.

They need to help out the omelets more, as well as the people that are almost homeless for next to uncontrollable reasons such as divorce, and natural disasters that befall onto them. Did you know that the government spends over $11 billion to $22 billion on welfare to Illegal aliens each year by state governments? Or how about that 2. 5 billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for them? That illegal households only pay about one-third the amount of federal taxes that non-illegal households pay? Or even that 1. Billion dollars a year is spent on food-assistance programs such as food stamps, WICK and ere school lunches for Illegal aliens? The government should be more pressing about not allowing the aliens even in the country, especially if they can’t pay the money to live here. We all know of someone that uses the system to their own benefit. Such as people who have workers compensation fraud. About 1 In every 10 people that file for workers compensation arena even truly hurt. An example of someone taking advantage of the system would be Mr.. Jim. Mr..

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Jim was in a pretty horrendous part of his life so he filed for bankruptcy because he was about to lose everything he had. So the government decided to help him out but instead of using it for house repairs he Just goes Into a smaller apartment and buys a brand new truck. Another example would be Miss Lake. Miss Lake has had seven children and about to have her eighth. The problem is that Miss Lake doesn’t have the money to support her children so instead of getting a job; she stays home and lives off the food stamps and flannels aid from the government, using most of the money for herself, not her children.

One last example would be Dopey. Dopey gets money from the government for filing for bankruptcy and from his ex-wife from their divorce. Instead of fixing his life he uses all the money for drugs. The government spends hundreds of millions of dollars on rehabilitation programs? The government should send certain agents to do quarterly check-ups and to do background checks on the people that ask for the financial help. These agents should have to track down the people using America’s tax money and make sure people are using it right.

Any amount of money would say hat more than half the people that get financial help are faking it, or abusing the system, and the generosity of this country. Doing these routinely checks-ups would help prevent these people from doing this and might help cut back on the people that do. If they are found faking it, or abusing the system then they should be punished. Maybe even with some Jail time. Those people don deserve America’s help. The one’s that do Is Old man Jenkins who lives off garbage and hasn’t had a shower In over a month.

Miss AMA, who recently has been divorced and left omelets and penniless from her money-hungry ex-husband, who has five kids she’s 1 OFF to natural disasters, such as tornados, hurricanes (Hurricane Strain had left over 1 million people homeless and over 10,000 are still homeless from it today) , and floods. Those are the ones that really need it, they need our help. Not the ones that are using the system for their own benefit. The Americans that have lived here for their Manhole lives. Now, why is it that all the abusers have more opportunities in life than our dedicated Americans?

If the government spent half of what they do for those people then we wouldn’t have homeless people. We wouldn’t have anyone starving, or even anyone going to bed hungry at night. Sometimes in life we all need a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, or someone to help us over that bump in life. The government signed up to be those people for the people in this country? So, why can’t they manage their money better and help everyone? Why should anyone have to suffer when it could be easily avoided? They shouldn’t.

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