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Electronic Medal In Bangladesh Introduction Bangladesh is a moderate Muslim country In the world. It gained independence on December 16th, 1971 after a long liberation war against Pakistan. The road to democracy and media freedom has been long and hard fought. The sass’s marked a new era of media freedom as granted In the Constitution. Despite these freedoms, the media face many challenges In performing their functions. Constitution Freedom of the press is a fundamental right of all citizens as guaranteed Article 39 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Television Bangladesh Television (BET), a state run channel, is now the only terrestrial Channel in the country. BET telecasts its Programmer & News all over the country through 2 stations in Dacha and Chitchatting and 12 relay stations, Issuing Licenses Broadcast Media in Private Sector The Ministry of Information Issued licenses twenty three electronic media enterprises: Asian Television Network (TAN) Is Pioneer in the private sector. It became the country’s leading private news / program channel in Bangladesh.

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Radio Forte, Radio Mar, Radio Today, BBC Radio the private radio channel also started broadcasting with the permission of Bangladesh Beta and the National Broadcasting Authority (NAB). National Television Ltd. (Art) (an enterprise of Bengal Group of Industries) admits that the employees are the most important resources in the organization. The National Television Limited (Art) employs more than 450 District Correspondents in Bangladesh. It is one of the reputed, well-organized, well-established electronic media in Bangladesh.

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