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UK – The best place to find government services and information Simpler, clearer, faster”l . Same as the slogan, Auk’s government website is quite user friendly and it’s using the clean, pain background, make people feels comfortable while seeing the web site. Thus, in the web page you could find the video slip such as “the Chancellor’s Budget speech” etc, not only text information provided. Same as the slogan, the website using simple wording to fulfill all citizen even though lower education level. In the Home page, it’s distribute different services and information objects and mainly for citizen or those who living in United Kingdom.

The target group distribute as: Working group, Student, Retire people, Visitor. In the Home page, people could find general service and information needed as : Driving and transport, employing people, working Job and pension, money and tax, citizenship and living in I-J, benefits, passports travel and living aboard, housing and local services, births deaths marriage and care, visa and immigration, business and self-employed, education and learning, crime Justice and the law, disable people, environment and countryside.

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Besides, at the middle of home page, there have linking for 24 ministerial departments and 331 other agencies and public bodies that can see all polices, announcements, updated information and consultations. If above categories couldn’t fulfill our needed, it’s also be ready with the function for “Searching” keyword. However, it will be much better if the home page has some basic information such as the capital weather and, or the map of United Kingdom. At the right top corner of home page, you may easy to found the latest regulation and policy when you click “department and policy’ and it will shows in order by latest ate.

Thus, the user can use the filters to show only results that match the interests. Except the policies, government’s announcements, publications statistics and consultations also could find easy in the home page. In case of the user having problem, they may find the bottom of the home page about “help” & “contact”. For example, if the user having browser’s problem then click “help”, there have details guideline to guiding wows to upgrade too newer browser. When you click “contact” to looking for more details and ask for help, the web page will shows the popular topics to let the user get a faster answer.

Look and Feel consistency Auk’s e-government do very outstanding about the department linking, In the web page clearly shown with accurate figure about Ministerial departments, Non ministerial departments, Agencies and other public bodies, Public corporations, Devolved administrations and try to moving to GOB. UK link. Even though they are not linking to GOB. UK, the user also may click the agency name then go to their separate website. Privacy policy The website has privacy policy shown in the “help” web page. Its state very clear what will they collect and why do they collect those information.

For example, if the users leave any questions, queries or feedback, including user’s email address if ever send an email to GOB. UK ; IP address, and details of which version of web browser used ; information on how to use the site, using cookies and page tagging techniques to help us improve the website ; details to allow the users to access government services and transactions, e. G an email address (Users always be told when this information is being collected, and it will only be used for the purpose they provide it for). The other important thing for the users is about the personal data storage.

In this website, UK government note that they will store the data on their secure servers in I-J and may also be stored outside of Europe by their staff or suppliers. Auk’s e-government has the function of payment transaction for users. However, Government noted “Transmitting information over the internet is generally not completely secure, and we can’t guarantee the security of your data. 2” And the users may take responsibilities on it. In general speaking, the government will not disclose the data to other parties except if they have a legal obligation to do so.

The user has a right to find out what information did the government hold, and ask them not to use any of the information they collected. All privacy policy only applies to Auk’s e- government website and doesn’t cover other government services and transactions that they linked to. Auk’s government web site state its policy on “cookies” and how cookies are used on GOB. UK. They use Google Analytics software to collect information about how the user used GOB. UK. The government wants to make sure the site is meeting the needs of its users and to help make improvements. Google

Analytics stores information about how long did the user spend on each GOB. UK page, how to get to the site, what did the user clicked while visiting the site etc. But they don’t collect or store user personal information so that it’s can’t be used to identify the user and the government notice seriously that they don’t allow Google to use or share our analytics data to protect the personal information of the site’s visitors. In the “cookies” web page, the UK government has shown very details about when will they collect our cookies, what for and how long will they keep.

While visiting the introductory message, apply for a license service, using You Tube videos, direction-branded government services, browser upgrade prompt, user-satisfaction survey, multivariate testing, the cookies will be collected and the site state what the purpose and valid period. The Auk’s e-government provides e-service for citizen and visitor, such as online application form submission, information checking and e-tax payment etc and requested to collect their personal data. The e-Service Development Framework provides a structure for developing semantic pacifications and standards for electronic data interchange and messaging services. 3″ Auk’s e-government offered online registration services to the users, however, not appropriate for all form, let say, in the driving and transport service, if the user applying for a “bus or lorry provisional entitlement” it could not be accepted online registration service because the form need to have medical report, means need to be filled in by doctor.

In immigration and visas service, common registration needed such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, work permit, visas, Auk’s e-government revived form download and service information since they need an interview or submit some original copy. However, the web site will link to the country consulate website for further details. I-J also consider for those registration of people who live in foreign, therefore, in the web site will ask “are you living aboard? While you want to apply any registration and provide support and details information. Its means, the citizen has no worry about the registration even they are not live in I-J. For business registration, Auk’s government web page also includes the linking of forms for unload or views. In the business web page, it’s shown many information and details for the kind of business and how to run the business in I-J.

Financial “Public-key infrastructure (PKZIP) is the combination of software, encryption technologies, and services that enables secure communications and business transactions on a public network. A typical PKZIP encompasses the issuance of digital certificates to individual users and other entities such as servers. “4 The website also accepts credit card payment, for example, paying the court fines, paying visa’s application fees and tax fees etc.

To secure the website, increase customers’ confidence, and reach the full online potential of the business. Symantec Website Security Solutions take SSL protection and trust to a whole new level. Auk’s e- government also accepted e tax document, tax returns and online tax payment to efficiency and save environment. By using the digital certificate of registration, user may log in the “HAM Revenue & Customs” which linked from Auk’s e-government web site. Trust “Trust in the context of e-government is complex and multi-dimensional. ” Taking an interpretive approach, a review and analysis of the normative literature on e- overspent trust was made and a taxonomy was synthesized and is summarized as below table : Constituents of Trust in E-government Domains of Trust in e-government Measures for building Users Trust and wows in Auk’s e-government Privacy of information and citizens Security of on-line interactions Confidence in e-government services Freedom from unwarranted government intrusion into the lives of its citizens Information Information quality Auk’s e-government provided accuracy, timeliness and up-to-date information in the web.

The date of last updated show at the bottom on the web page. Information Systems Financial security/Technical solutions In Auk’s e-government, Government Digital Service (GAS) is leading the digital transformation of government; it’s aims to building and maintaining the consolidated GOB. UK website and changing the way government procures IT services. E-commerce Transparency Audibility/Reputation GAS concerns that Openness and transparency can save money, strengthen people’s trust in government and encourage greater public participation in decision-making. On-line relationships Standardization ‘Familiarity/Simplicity/Consistency

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