Current Media Environment in Russia Assignment

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Current Media Situation In Russia “The country is not In danger until the power Is In good hands, until the president and prime minister take care of it” (Caveman) – such headlines appear in the news of the First Channel, the mall federal channel of the Russian Federation, almost every day. Unfortunately this kind of headlines are not made by Independent media professionals, but are dictated by the government authorities. Unlike other channels the First Channel is available on almost all of the Russian’s territory, which makes it the most influential media source.

And this is not only pro-government media outcast operating in Russia. Almost all channels in Russia somehow support the government, except TV Rain, which is the symbol of independent channel in Russia, but one can watch it on the internet or using special cable TV services. Some Radio stations are trying to provide the most objective information that they are discovering but if this information is somehow contradicts with Putting or his colleague’s opinion, editors of this radio are “politer Invited to the police for a “private chat”. Position of a press In

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Russia Is better, but actually is not so different compared to channels and radio. Journalist can write an article which criticize some decisions of Russian officials, but If he or she digs deeper It can even lead to their murder (2). Looking on this situation even brave and honest Russian Journalists are In fear for their life and freedom therefore the current tendency of Russian media is to be an apolitical or veiling their thoughts rather than try to openly resist the regime. Nowadays Russian media is a popular topic for conversations in Europe and in the United States of America.

The Curious political situation creates a censorship for almost all media sources except social networks and blobs. Journalists cannot write their negative opinion on upcoming Olympic Games in Socio (3). They are forced to write only positive articles and comments on this topic, because government should demonstrate the citizens that the situation Is perfect and there is nothing to be concerned about. The reality is mostly opposite: these Olympic Games are the most expensive, and the most corrupt In the history (4). Furthermore there was a case with famous Russian Journalists Vladimir Boozer, who has an American citizenship. He called the State Dumas a “state fool” – the expressions sound similar in Russian” – states Russia Today (5). Boozer said it during his own show on the First Channel and basically right after that the State Dumas introduced a bill “that would ban people with foreign citizenship from working for Russian federal TV channels” – declares Russia Today again (5). These cases show that even one wrong word directed against those in power can lead to strange and unnatural actions within the democratic society, which Russia by the Constitution is (6). What was the reaction of Russian media?

There was an Increase of interest to entertainment, creative and non-political media during the last couple of years. People decided that If It Is dangerous to write their own thoughts and their own analysis about sharp political problems and blame the president and the government or Just correctly them, they are better to start writing on topics which are not connected to politics. Topics covering scientific research, funny news, fashion, popular for writing. Such media publishers as “Legitimated”, “Wide Open Space”, “Flash” and “Metropolis” got their popularity because of exciting content and stories they were providing.

For example Siena Leona in her article “Way to Young” states that attendance of Allocate. Our has increased and “This year, the revenue of the portal to reach $ 5 million, and monthly audience – 2. 5 million people” (7) – which is a great result for Russian media industry during the 2012. Such sites as Metropolis. Our, Fuhrman. Our and Flash. Our are posting articles explaining and describing exhibitions, stating the problem of lack of urban development, giving advices how to love each other and instructing how to make a photo camera.

Closer look at this sector of Russian media shows that teenagers, students, artists and people with an active life position are forming almost new generation of Russian Society, which can sensibly analyze the information and the world around, which is ready to create regardless the conditions where the society lives. These media cannot be closed or banned because they do not touch the political topics. Although this tendency becomes more and more noticeable still there are some media that are trying to cover political problems and analyze it from their own point of view.

Usually they are speaking about problems indirectly. For example, Hurry Capeskin in his recent article in Russian GO political blob states that he is afraid about an upcoming Olympic Games because there may happen everything from the act of terrorism to a lack of snow (8). However, the author worries about inability of our state to protect the Olympics and to provide kind and clear spirit of the sport ailing his fears via memories of the spirit of previous Olympic Games, especially the one which took place in Moscow 1980.

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