Colonialism and Inequality Assignment

Colonialism and Inequality Assignment Words: 321

What institutions were created by Latin American colonial governments to maintain control over subjugated peoples? Discuss at least two: Two of the institutions that were created by the Latin colonial governments to maintain control over subjugated peoples were the Inconvenience system and the Council of the Indies. The Andromeda system were rights granted to the earlier conquistador. It granted the labor of a group of Indians to an individual Spaniard.

It allowed the necromancer to force groups if natives to work for him. Many groups were already subject to a system of labor tribute under the Aztec or Inca. The Council of the Indies looked over ever every kind of government deed in the colonies. It looked over legislative, financial, commercial, military, and religious matter under its variety. The most powerful official was the viceroys that represented the king of Spain. 2. How did these institutions create inequalities?

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The institutions created inequalities by creating more openings between the people and the government. They not only created openings in their social status, but because of the color of their skin. A lot of individuals were “accepted” for a higher status because of the color of their skin, because of the name of their family, or because they had attained some ownership of wealth and power. All of those characteristics will play an important role of having inequalities with the institutions. How have disadvantaged people contested colonialism and its effect? Culture is the main effect that causes people to be at a disadvantage. There are many factors that slow a country down for the ability to progress some examples are attitudes, religion, and trade systems. Another disadvantage is the rulings in a court room. Since they are usually ruled for many centuries, it hinders their ability to make a choice on how to make a ruling, or to be able to implement their own ruling.

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