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Freedom is a huge theme with colonialism because colonialism is a huge oppressor of freedom. According to Doctor Lester Rigger the main factor WI the colonialism is the lack in sovereignty, it’s about separation and rule over other s (wizard 1 10). Freedom was lacking when these communities of color were being cru denizen, and dictated by their oppressors. The notion of internal colonialism and system mantic oppression stemmed from these communities and their disparities almost dir exactly.

Home buyers of color are directed toward certain neighborhoods, interest rat sees are higher on loans, and racial profiling is practiced by law keepers. Other strategies sees were employed to detract from these individuals rights. In Response to these display reties momentous incidents and out lashing rebuttals occurred in the face of the pop oppressors. Instead of unity among the American people it turned into Black Nationalism and raising up against a common enemy. The societal ideal of autonomy among the black people was a necessity.

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The fact that their white oppressors were detracting from their lives, and crippling the Poe peel of our nation with segregation and discrimination was haunting for the ones taken a advantage of. According to the article systematic oppression was utilized by infiltrating minority groups, and almost by force encouraging assimilation. This systematic method disk perfect example for internal colonialism because the oppressors are trying to make their culture reflective, and at the same time force compliance with the intent to be unfit under their perils.

Through internal colonialism and systematic oppression we can see just how deeply authoritarianism affects our lives. The existential ethic that is selfless cutis huge theme in our history with internal colonialism, and its a huge motivating factor for the black man’s upbringing in society. According to Jeannine Sartre “existence recedes essence” this means that we existing entities create our own being o our own values (Sartre 5). These ethics guarantee an individuals right to egalitarianism which is what the oppressed were striving for.

NO longer did activists want the IR people to languish under servility and inequality. They wanted radical freedom that is reflective of the Kantian perspective that our duties to ourselves include a sense of not allowing ourselves to be servile or exploited by others. The most extreme activists with this these virtues were The Black Panthers who took an miscellaneously approach. Internal colonialism was fueled by the need for cheap labor in America. Yet the government requires a locus Of control, unfortunately they used this control e exploit the minorities of the country.

According to Robert Blabber, American sociologist, in order to have control governments must actively participate to create such internal co Monies, providing coercive force to control those who are colonized, while legitimating patterns of domination with laws. The best solution, according to Blabber, for racial an d ethnic groups would be best served by rejecting attacks on their culture rejecting call s for assimilation, and promoting and maintaining their own set Of values, and count roll of resources in their own communities.

A prime example of nonracial internal colonialism in today’s society is banks a ND automobile companies that have sucked the economic life out of towns and CIA ties. Exploiting them to the fullest extent possible, and then when they are done a ND no more can be used, the banks and companies leave these areas and move elsewhere e in the world to exploit other people. This combination of greedy bankers and comma nines that offshore jobs has created not only a global economic crisis, but also a situation where half of the US population is now either impoverished or lonesome.

In comma orison to previous internal colonialism greed is still an evident factor. A ultimate solution for these things is unclear. The Ignited States is still not a place of equality for all. But in a recent March 18th speech Obama provides the American people with an answer. Martin Luther King Jar. , Malcolm X, and Other activists called their people to unite to take on one common enemy that is white prop session. Now Years later Obama calls the American people to unite on one common ground d this round being unity and reconciliation.

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