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March on Washington Arsen – Yelnikov 7. 02 Summarize each event, including which of the civil rights organizations and leaders were responsible for it. March on Washington The March on Washington was a civil rights movement to abtain Jobs and Freedom for all people regardless of race. It took place in Washington, D. C. , on August 28, 1963. Attending were about 250,000 people, which made it the largest protest/ demontration ever seen in the capital. It was organized by a number of civil rights and religious groups and was indefinetly led by Martin Luther King Jr. o also gave the speech in the capital. Montgomery bus boycott The Montgomery bus boycott was when African Americans boycotted riding the buses in Montgomery due to the fact that Rosa Parks was arressted when she refused to give up her seat to a white man. There really wasnt an organization involved since almost every African American there refused to ride the bus. Watts Riot The Watts Riot was a riot that took place in the black Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles when two white policemen arrested a black male motorcyclist who was ccused of drunk driving.

A riot then broke out with residents of the neighborhood looting stores, torching buildings, and beating whites as snipers fired at police and firefighters. There were no leaders organizations involved since it was a riot. Explain whether each event was violent or non-violent and why. March on Washington This event was definantly none violent since it was a peaceful protest with people of all races walking (some hand-in-hand) to the capital. There was no violence. It turned out to be both a protest and a communal celebration.

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This even was non-violent because it was simply a protest against the ways of society and how unfair and unjust it is to African Americans. They boycotted riding the buses completely and this was non-violent since no one was hurt or involved in the oppossition. This event was definitely violent since it was first and foremost a “riot” and the five days of violence left 34 dead, 1,032 injured, nearly 4,000 arrested, and $40 million worth of property destroyed. It was also said to be the worst urban riot in the past 20 years.

Explain whether each event could be considered a success or not. Be sure to include specific details to support your claim. March on Washington I believe that this event could be considered a success because the march was successful in pressuring the administration of John F. Kennedy to initiate a strong tederal civil rights bill in Congress. It was also during this event that Martin Luther King himself delivered his memorable “l Have a Dream” speech that even today all of the US know and remember. I believe that this event was a sucess because it resulted in the U.

S. Supreme Court ordering Montgomery to integrate its bus system. Also this ended up as a humoungous stepping stone because one of the leaders of the boycott, a young pastor named Martin Luther King Jr. , emerged as a national leader of the American civil rights movement. This event triggered the change of the U. S. I do not believe this riot was a success due to the fact that so many died and were injured and arrested. When 34 people die in event, you cannot consider it a success. It was violent, brutal, and barbaric with looting and property damage occuring.

Explain your response to the following question: Based on the outcomes of the events you chose, do you think violent or nonviolent protest strategies were more effective? I believe that based on the outcomes of the events I chose I think that non-violent protest strategies are the most effective because if done correctly without any violence the true meaning of the protest can reach out and touch the people that witness it. If done violently, people would Just think them as agressive being and wouldn’t take them seriously.

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