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The learning style most people have developed over time will allow them to certain way. However someone’s learning style can change over time with discipline and practice, there is no one style that is better than another one. The best learners know their style and what works best for them. There are many websites that offer services to help a person identify their learning preference. The website student used to indicate her learning style was VARK Learning Style self-assessment questionnaire. VARK (visual, aurial, read/write, kinesthetic) Learning Style address and identifies the individual learning and defines how a learner perceives, interacts with, and responds to the learning environment”. Student is a nursing student and her learning style is auditory, visual and kinesthetic. These three characteristics are student preferred learning style. Student being an auditory learner prefers to sit up front in class, while listening to the instructor. The student within her performs to study in a quite environment with limited noise distraction.

Student has difficulties in trying to listen and write at the same time in class, so she tape-records the class. Student performs best in study groups, where discussions can take place in explaining the topic in depth. Study groups are great for many reasons, because it allows each member to explain what they have learned and be able to do a teach back method to see if they understood the concept, plus it also gives each group member an opportunity to ask questions. The visual learner enjoys taking notes, but they have to be very detailed with pictures/diagrams to explain the concept.

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When trying to remember certain concepts the nursing student will make up mnemonic and visualizes making a movie of pictures in her mind. As being a visual learner they are keen for detail and pay close attention to others body language. Another one of Student strength is being a kinesthetic learner. It has been told that those who are a kinesthetic leaner learn best by using her hands and pays close attention to detail. While reading the textbook she will also be taking notes at the same time. The student tries to calm her nerves is by walking up and down the hallway.

When comparing the preferred learning style to the VARK study, the similarities where the same. The results from the VARK personal profile study showed a mild aural (auditory) learning performance, followed by kinesthetic and then visual. V = 7, A = 13, R = 4, K = 8 and a total of 32. Throughout nursing school the writer is strongly academically. The reason for this is that she suffers from a learning disability. A learning disability makes it very difficult in focusing on topics and getting easily distracted at times, so the writer would rely on programs such as read please and tape recording class lecture to help maintain the focus.

She attending class daily by sitting in the front row taking notes and draw diagrams for hard concepts, form a study group, study in a nice quite environment and if music is played it has to be without words in the lyrics. When reading the student whispers the words quietly to herself. According to Horowitz, Individuals respond to and use different types of information and approaches when engaged in learning. Being aware of the writer learning strength and weakness will help her in different subject areas and guide the student to improve her study habits.

Taking the VARK test just confirmed the nursing student abilities in her study habits already. It was kind of shocking to view the results and see how close they where to each other. The writer preferred learning style is to talk out loud in a group or to other about situations and ideas to hearing feedback. The VARK test states that aural attend class daily, discuss topic with others, use a tape recorder, their notes may be poor, because they prefer to listen. They also like to ask other their understanding of a topic, and enjoy spending time in a quiet place and when the read they tend to read out loud.

The writer enjoy learning hands (moving, doing, touching) on with projects, so she can experience and understand it. When the student views things, they like to view the whole picture to be able to understand the full concept. In comparing these two learning styles they where both right on target with each other. “According to Linares, Learning is the way we adapt and cope with our environment ??? the world in which we live”. The new changes the writer could make to her study habits is study with a pencil in my hands to help calm my nerves down when the student feels the urge to walk and pace the hallway.

The writer can use a huge white board to write on when reviewing new information, make flash cards and talk out loud while speaking. Another study method that the student could implement is using a color-coding system to help organize new information in the textbook or notes. Something new the writer might consider doing is writing down key words to help recall certain given information and play back the lecture recording in the car or listen to it while doing her morning walk. Adjusting to make new changes will help improve the writer be more successful in her study habits.

In summary of the student VARK learning style assessment was identical to the writer preferred learning/studying style already. The student is an aural learner and prefers to listen instead of taking notes during lecture. It would be optimal for the student to talk a few notes during lecture and retreat to a location that is quiet for studying. In summary the writer now has a better understanding in her predominant style of learning and studying habits. The VARK study help identify the student strengths and weakness in the different learning styles.

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