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Just in my life time I have experienced a lot of changes in media including wireless internet and cell phones. Now my life time has been twenty years, Just think of the pass one hundred years how much media has changed. As media refers too a meaner of communication that is designed to reach a wide audience. In saying that, many thing we use today are forms of mass media. Major developments in the last century range from the television to the telephone to the internet. All these discoveries led to another discovery, in other words, they evolved over time.

People use to rely on word of mouth, which could cause confusion and information can be misinterpreted. In the 1 5th century Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, but in the sass Frederick Koenig modified Guttenberg invention to be more efficient. He hooked a steam powered engine to the hand cranked printing press and the production of text doubled, This made information easier to obtain and eventually a daily newspaper was developed. Now the printing press led to the news paper which eventually led to the non print forms of media.

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Radio’s were easily obtainable in the 20th century and less expensive then telephone. Radio’s had the ability to reach enormous amounts of people at one time. And by one time, literally the exact hour of time. ) All of these inventions were stepping stones the led to the forms of mass media we have available to us today in the 21st century. We now have wireless telephones and even better, cell phones! Radios, TV, and phones were available in the 20th century, but now they have evolved into things no one could have imagined then. Almost everything is wireless now and easily available to everyone and any time.

After each major development in mass media, American culture had adapted to new technologies and embrace it. The biggest effect on American culture has been owe fast and easy it is to receive and spread news from around the world, not Just our country, thanks to live broadcasting and 24 hour news channels. It even had effects on our everyday life on how we go about our day. Most people in my age group, the first thing they do when they get up is check face book, compared to fifty or sixty years ago, where people woke up and checked the paper or the news channel.

I has even impacted pop culture and what people are interested in now. Everything around us has some form or another has been effected by great changes in mass media. In my opinion people have become so dependent on technological Edie that they wouldn’t knew how to do anything with out it. Taking the cell phone as an example, people take that wherever they go. They use it as a way to communicate with other people around the world, they use it as a map or guide and even as a computer.

Some people program their life into their phones. They have bank account information, important dates and events to remember, reminders, everything. Some rely so much on their phones, what would happen to them if you took those away or if they didn’t exist even? How would they go about there days? Have you ever heard of the term media convergence? It meaner to take one form of media and combining it with another form of media, even two or three forms. Like my example of the telephone in the above reading.

It took the telephone, the television, the internet, Miming, and even the newspaper and combined in to a tiny device that fit in your hand or pocket with ease. It has made the day to day life for the average person easier these days. Instead of having to buy a newspaper and then walk to a telephone or something else, you have it all with in your reach, in the palm of your hand. The TV has been taken to a whole new level by now being able to record and lay back a program at anytime or pausing it and continue watching in another room.

Some people argue that all of today’s media has made us humans lazy while others say that it is Just us moving forward into the future. Either way, it has impacted everyone in both negative and positive ways. During the last century there have been many developments in mass media. I do not consider any of them insignificant, each one has nudged its way into our culture and they are here to stay. Not only are they here to stay but they will only evolve further into things we can only imagine.

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