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My first reason for believing that Social Media is good for society is that busing sexes and schools use Social Media to help their businesses. Whether helping people find jobs o r schools, or generating exposure to their products, Social Media is a great place to advertise SE your business, as 75% of businesses own a company page on a Social Media site. Less also helpful I to read reviews, provide customer service, and advertise sales and discounts. You can follow y our favorite businesses from brand names like Nikkei and Nintendo to your local Mexican r assistant.

Furthermore, schools can use Social Media to draw students to their schools, remind students of upcoming tests or exams, and much more! Customers and Students are law yes on social media, o why not advertise your business there? Its easy and cheap, and anyone ca n do it. Theists | 2 My second reason for believing that Social Media is good for society is that i s used by billions of people worldwide. If Social Media were ever to be taken away from us, it old change the world. Over 79% of internet users check social media at least weekly.

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In add on, lots of important people in the world have social media. All major candidates for U president, of major religious leaders and 42 of the 50 U. S. Governors are on Twitter. Media can also be used by Law Enforcement to catch criminals and, like said previously, by Buy sexes and Schools to promote and advertise themselves. Some daily Social Media stats include 400 million Snaps sent with Snatch, 200 billion emails sent, 4 million blobs written, million tweets 10 billion Youth videos viewed, and 150 million Mainstream posts, all in a day.

My final reason for believing that Social Media is good for society is that Soc Media can improve peoples lives. For example, Social Media is becoming an upcoming end in the way to view news, being the best news source for 28% of people, compared to never. N. Papers 29%. Social Media can also be a great way to pass time. Since it’s very entertaining, it’s a DOD way to pass the time. Although those who are against social media may say it’s bad beck SE of things like accessibility and inappropriate content, this IS almost never the case.

In FAA only 56% of Twitter accounts have ever actually tweeted, the other 44% only using it as terminate. And of that 56%, how often do you see inappropriate content, or cyber bullying? Hen you think about it, not many people ever will post something inappropriate, and very w accounts will post mean or inappropriate things. “What happens on Social Media will stay n Social Media. ” Unknown) Social Media is also a great way to make friends online, whether t cough comment on Theists 3 a post, or being in an online group.

People like Ana Theists “use social media daily to keep up with distant and old friends on Faceable and Mainstream. ” (Theists) Every day, Social Media is improving lives, helping businesses, and overall imp roving society. Although a few may use Social Media for bad, I personally believe Social Media a is good for society. As long as you use Social Media the right way, and stay out of trouble, you can help improve our world. “The question isn’t whether we do Social Media, the quests n is how will we do it? ” (Qualm) How will you make Social Media great?

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