While Pursuing Undergraduate Course In Electronics Assignment

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After completion of my under graduate course with first rank, my mentors encouraged me to pursue masters in telecommunication, knowledge, interest and encouragement catapulted me to think for MET program. Diploma In E&TC was a precursor to make me think over telecoms sector and which cleared undoubted growth of the domain In coming years. During the time of professional experience in Larsen & Doubts, Iambi I was very well convinced towards radical growth of telecoms & networks sector in the decade of 2000-10 and potentiality of same in future days.

While working on ONCE project, there was demand from client for modifications of communication system across the oil well & process platforms, where I learned the successful application of latest communication technologies and advancement Into core engineering sector. Along with this we bagged the most prestigious “L&T ICON” award for completion of the project. The most striking thing and reason behind coming across this course is, this is an interdisciplinary techno-managerial course.

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Which is a need of every engineer to fortify technical skills and most importantly managing the technology in an enterprise. With in-depth understanding of the great importance of management science, I reckon I am In urgent want of an overall and systematic study of Management Pursuing further studies In techno-managerial could enable me to grasp the most advanced knowledge of management, have a erect exposure with telecoms industries, concepts and way of thinking, and widen my breadth of vision. I showed keen interest in every facet of Management, particularly Technological Management.

Getting into Aegis is like my dream come true as this one of the top B school for Telecommunication management in India having international academic alliance with France, making master’s degree equivalent to International MS. The way program Is designed Is truly productive, ALMS and global credit system makes course more simplified with Increased weighted. This is the first telecoms management institute I am coming across which is supported by elect gurus like Breath Airtime, which is the first private telecoms service provider in India and is leader company of Breath enterprises.

I believe this is the best program for any fresher or experienced engineer provides interdisciplinary mix of technology and management which stand out in crowd of general MBA as telecoms management Is very specialized field and this program Is offered at very few universities. Mainly what this university really attracts me is that your institute attaches great importance to telecoms advancements and Small-class’ education whereby students are allowed o collaborate with reputed organizations to undertake various interesting projects and provide international internship.

I believe that this highly interactive and competitive educational model will be very appropriate for me in that It can fully determined to devote myself to studies and practice there, and keep myself abreast with the latest developments in my chosen field. Though the road to pursue high quality program is beset with challenges. I am fully convinced that I have already been well prepared and qualified for meeting these challenges with great courage and confidence.

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