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The most fundamental yet vital to humans and animals is water. Human bodies are composes three-fourths of human mass and is necessary to the body to survive. Without water, the human body will decay and wither to dust. Water consumption of living beings on earth is increasing all the time. Children receive training on the importance of water conservation from young ages.

The educational purpose of water conservation in children is not only to make children aware of the importance of water but, for the children to remind adults f the importance water plays in existence of life. Successful water conservation must additionally include the pollution of the water resources. Pollution of water resources is linked to health risks in the United States and other continents of the world. Water sources result from two types of water, ground water and surface water. This paper examines the criminal infringement of water contamination and the importance of accountability.

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Water pollution defined ‘Water pollution includes the manner and nature in which water is fouled, such as by toxic (like benzene, cadmium, mercury, pharmaceuticals, radiological trials, and pesticide):heat, turbidity, biological oxygen demand, suspended and dissolved solids, salts, metals, sewage, nitrogen, phosphorous waste materials, sculpture and oil spills and so on” (Franz 2011). Disturbance to the natural balance of the environment as the result of humans attempting to improve the quality of life is more evident today than in the past.

The article by Franz examines the criminal aspect of water pollution. Crimes against water: non-enforcement of state water pollution laws According to Franz (2011 the United States ability to create legislation to protect the water supply is evident wrought all 50 states. The laws range from misdemeanors to felonies depending on the state and the interpretation of the states’ law. While all 50 states contend that water pollution is a criminal offense, there remains no consistency in legal action of the offender.

Interpretation of the laws in each state is regularly the outcome of individual agencies which govern the industries situated in the local area. Economically challenged areas less likely to enforce laws in which potentially jeopardize the economy further. The existence of laws does not impose the law, the written laws are only valuable when the responsible parties re held accountable for the actions that were illegal. Implementation is not the equivalent to prosecution. This is evident in the unanimous lack of legal indications documented throughout the court systems of the United States.

Water pollution is a health risk to humans and all living organisms because it destroys life. The consequences of large factories, chemical laboratories, gas emissions and other forms of destructive pollution is observed in locations around the pollution. The resulting magnitude of the pollution effects the entire world in one way, or another. Concerns for the well-being of living organisms re instigating research to determine the significance of the water pollution. It is through research and administration of laws that humans will acknowledge the importance of reducing water pollution.

Environmental pollution: corporate crime and mortality According to Katz (2012), more harmful than crime on the streets environment, air, and water pollution are increasing cancer mortality around the world. Corporation crimes such as water pollution are globally increasing. The environmental protection agency recognizes the importance of reducing the water pollution around the world. Awareness educational programs are targeting business and the public in efforts to reduce water pollution. A comparison In comparing the two articles about water pollution, the risk factors to society are easily identified.

The importance of decreasing water pollution is a universal concern which needs to be addressed. Criminal laws are focusing on big businesses polluting the water might be considered a starting point, however, with low enforcement the laws become a contradiction to the purpose of the law. Protection of the human race and living organisms needs to be incorporated to all business policy plans. With more awareness of the harmful additives that are continuously dumping into the water supply conservation and protection can result.

Individual perception Horror stories of medical conditions that result from water pollution are rarely revealed on the nightly news unless the pollution effects a major water source. In day to day activities the average individual turns on the shower, flushes the toilet, brush his or her teeth, wash dishes, wash laundry, wash his or her car, and fills a glass with water to drink with little to no thought about where the water in the pipes has traveled. Less thought is given to what objects; chemicals, waste once inhabited the water in the pipes.

Water is one of the most important nutrients for the body, yet water receives the least consideration unless an atrocious occurrence becomes breaking news in the individual’s daily activities. The health risks to children, adults and living organisms convert into tragedies when an epidemic appears to occur. Unfortunately, the health of one individual typically does not make headlines. Big businesses polluting the water rarely make the daily news in most parts of the world. Water pollution is a world problem which is in need of a solution.

When corporations and the public are responsible for the actions of each water pollution can be reduced significantly. The evolution of humans is responsible for the increase in technological advances. Technological advances have provided humans with comfortable lifestyles in first world countries. Water protection must become a universal accomplishment before the human race proceeds to elimination of humans from the world. The urgency of reducing pollution in the water sources is essential to the health and well-being of all living organisms, even the ones responsible for the pollution.

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