Vehicle Pollution Assignment

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The majority of today’s pollution is caused by cars and trucks which are the largest single source of air pollution. With the great number of vehicles on the road we are headed toward smoggy skies and dirty air if we do nothing to help stop pollution. Everybody needs a vehicle that burns less fuel. The key to burning less fuel is to make more efficient vehicles and by putting that efficiency to work not letting it go to waste. Another good way to prevent air pollution is by combining with alternative ways of doing things.

Also simple vehicle maintenance can improve fuel economy as well as minimize missions. By burning less fuel we are emitting less pollution. There are many ways to burn less fuel we just need to put efficiency to work. One way we could do this is carpool with people that you know are going to the same place as you. The U. S federal government set a fuel economy standard for all vehicles. In relation, sales of lower-fuel-economy light trucks, such as Sups, pickups, and minivans, have increased dramatically. As a result the average us vehicle travels less on one gallon of gas than it did twenty years ago.

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This has led to an increase in heat-trapping gas emissions from cars and trucks and to n increase in smog-forming and toxic emissions resulting from the production and transportation of gasoline to the fuel pump. This trend can be reversed by using already existing efficient engines, and transmissions, improved by aerodynamics. This allows vehicles to use less gas because the wind doesn’t put that much of an effect on the vehicle. Methanol, natural gas, ethanol, and hydrogen can deliver benefits to the U. S economy as well as move the U.

S away from dependence on oil. By combining alternate ways Of doing things it is burning less gas overall, by this it means to do all of your errands and things you need to do at one time. If you do things at one time than you won’t have to drive out than go home and drive back out this is burning more fuel than needed emitting pollutants into the creating dirty air. Also during start-up a car’s engine burns extra gasoline, and letting an engine idle for more than a minute burns more fuel than turning off and on the engine.

So the less you turn your car on and off the less fuel you burn and sitting there with it on is just as bad. It is recommended that you don’t turn your car on until you are actually ready to leave from wherever you are. During warm periods of time you should park in the shade reducing the mount of heat in the vehicle so you don’t have to use the air-conditioner because the Ac also helps burn more fuel. Such as if you are stuck in traffic you shouldn’t sit there with your air conditioner on, a smart alternative way to keep cool would be to roll down the windows and let air flow through your car.

It’s not big things that make a difference its all of the little things that you do. If you have a hybrid it would be easier for you to do this because you would get 20-30 MPEG (miles per gallon) as if you were driving a big diesel truck getting 12-15 MPEG. What would be the logical choice? A good way to sake your car burn more fuel is not maintained it well so if you can keep the maintenance up on your vehicle it will burn less fuel. If you have a flat tire it is causing your vehicle to weigh down and making the engine pull more weight causing it to burn more fuel putting out more pollutants.

Regular oil changes, tire changes, air-filter changes, and spark plug replacements??can lengthen the life of your car as well as improve fuel economy and minimize emissions, this will also save money in your pocket. If you keep your vehicle running for a long time than it should be checked on by a certified mechanic to see how such pollutants your car is putting out. Ultimately, the responsibility to decrease pollution and conserve the environment falls on the shoulders of all the citizens of the world, regardless of their nation’s economic state.

Although, it is the ethical responsibilities of developed nations to contribute more, we just all need to come together and do it as one it would be easier and very helpful. So if people realize that burning a lot of fuel emits pollutants and try not to use it that much that would help. If people keep their car maintained well that would decrease the amount of pollutants in the air and anally if people can combine alternative ways of doing things it will decrease the amount Of fuel burned.

All Of these are ways you can help the economy by putting less pollutants in the air. If everybody in the world can help contribute to this issue than it would decrease the amount of pollutants in the air and the skies wouldn’t be as smoggy and dirty. Auto Inspection and Maintenance (MM) programs are designed to make sure that the cars we buy and drive perform their best and live up to their pollution control promise. That protects the consumer. And it makes the air cleaner for all of us. So help sake world a safer and better place for the future.

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