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Charles Able, the manager of reduction, assigned William Parcel, one Of his capable assistants, to this job. Parcel had worked with Able for years and was well acquainted with this equipment order, since he had coordinated its production for Able. The test engineer was named Dale Short. A week after Parcel began working with Short, he reported to Able that he was having difficulty with Short and that Short seemed to resent his presence in the test section. Able agreed that a problem situation might be developing and said that he would visit the test section and attempt to talk with Short.

When Able visited the test section, Short immediately started complaining about Parcel. He said that Parcel undermined Short’s authority by giving testers instructions that were at variance with Short’s. He claimed that Parcel even contradicted him in front of the testers. After a number of other complaints he asked Able to remove Parcel from the test section and send a substitute. Short even Able acknowledged that Short had complained, but he omitted mentioning Short’s threat to have Parcel transferred. “That’s Short, all right,” said Parcel. He can’t stand to have anyone try to erect him, but things were so fouled up felt I had to do something. ” Able admitted that the situation was sensitive, but he pointed out that Short was in charge of the test section. He ended the discussion with the comment, “Let’s play it cool and not push. ” Able, however, was upset by the situation, and during the next few days he gave much thought to it. Since Short felt the way he did, Able finally decided to remove Parcel from the test section and send another employee.

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As he was reaching for the telephone to call Parcel in the test section, Short walked into the office smiling. L want to thank you, Charlie,” he said. “I don’t know what you said to Parcel the other day, but it sure changed his attitude. We are getting along just fine now. Funny thing, when I spoke to you the other day, had the impression thou weren’t going to do anything for me, but I guess I had you figured wrong. ” Able gulped a few times and made a few vague remarks. Then Short left in high spirits.

Able was quite curious about the whole situation; so later in the day when he happened to meet Parcel alone, he commented casually, Introduction O This case study is centralized around here Characters: CLC CHARLES ABLE – the manager of production C] WILLIAM PARCEL – Able assignee from production 0 DALE SHORT – Chief Test Engineer The issue is on how these three will be able to work together, Able as the manager, Short as the person in charge of Testing and Parcel from production team.

Purpose purpose of this case study is to determine the type of counseling done and its affectively. Objectives C] Determine whether actual counseling was done and how effective was it? 0 Identify each characters role in the solution to the problem. Facts CLC Charlie Able is the production manager ho needs to send somebody from his team to the Testing Activity. CLC He sent Will Parcel, on of his trusted and Capable assistants. 0 For Quality purposes, the Test Engineer should work closely with a production person CLC Test Engineer was Dale Short.

CLC Parcel and Short did not have a good relationship. L] Parcel thinks Short is too bossy and would not like to get inputs from people under him. C] Short thinks that Parcel undermines his authority in Testing. C] Short threatens to make a fuzz if Parcel was not removed from the testing project. Statement of the problem ultimate problem is that both personnel from Testing and Production cannot bear each other. CLC It is essential that they work together for the project.

Causes of problems parcel probably thinks that since he is in production, that he knows more than the Testers, particularly Short. L] As Chief Testing Engineer, Short felt slighted of Parcel’s situations and is offshoot by how Parcel “tells” him of the things to be done. C] Short cannot work with Parcel and he told Able. CLC Parcel saw Able talking with Short and he gave his side. Abe did just advise both ends of the situation UT never revealed details. Recommended solutions [l Able just advised of the situation to both Parcel and Short.

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