Smart Traffic Light for Air Pollution Assignment

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Air is the fundamental necessity for human survival. But now we can’t ensure the air we breathe is clean and pollution-free, because the oxygen we need is being seriously polluted by smokestacks of factories, exhaust of transport vehicles, chemicals, volcanic activities, and most of these pollutants are contributed by human factor. In the paper, I will be focus on the air pollution caused by heavy road traffic, which almost everyone would realized every day.

The fact is that there are too much old cars in the country which have such terrible exhaust system, together with the old traffic light system that was comply 20 years ago and it’s considered as a dull system in the modern generation (Shaves, 2013). One of the ironic and truthful report about the impact of air pollution conducted from Mexico teachers was that, they said when children there draw the sky they rarely use color blue (“18 Facts About Air Pollution,” 2009). From here, we can imagine how serious is the place being polluted.

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Aside from this, the impacts of air pollution to human health are also critical. It nutrients to headaches, reduced mentality, heart attack, cardiovascular diseases, impaired fetal development, cancer, and even death (Beat & Michelle, 2008). Moreover, there was also research explains that pregnant women who exposed under polluted area would have high risk of adverse birth outcome which includes low birth weight, preterm delivery, and heart defects to the baby and there are almost 4. 6 million people die each because of the air pollution.

Along with harming human health, air pollution also causes several environmental effects such as acid rain, which damages forest ND causes water bodies to be acidic, making these habitats unsuitable for fishes and other animals, as well as decaying the buildings, sculpture, and statues that are part of human property; ozone depletion, which increased amount of LIVE radiation to the Earth that is harmful to human skin; global warming, a phenomenon that rises Earth’s temperature, which brings several negative impacts to the environment like increase of sea level, and abnormal migration of wildlife; and haze, the most serious problem now faced by China, where the weather condition is heavily blocked by shroud of smokes, the Sino is also fuzzy and the place is seem to be not suitable for human habitation (“Environmental Effects of Air Pollution,” n. D. ). The scientific solution I offer to resolve the air pollution problem caused by heavy road traffic is through the use of Dynamic traffic light or Smart traffic light.

The smart traffic light automatically adjusts the timing of certain traffic light when the change of traffic flow occurs, by providing more green time to which road has the demand; for short, the system points the best timing for top and proceed. (John, 2012). The process of such traffic light system gathers first the data of roads in different ways, such as GAPS data on vehicle, CATV camera, traffic load information or data that can be obtained from intersections’ embedded sensors. Then it sends these data to central control system, which equipped with artificial intelligence that can be fully trusted and has the ability to think of themselves.

The machine will first analyze these data and then it will make computations for the most optimize time duration or a certain traffic light color of a certain road; after that, it generates all the data needed for then traffic light then it sends back all these data to the corresponding traffic light that connects to the central control system (Edwards, 2010). Through the use of this system, it aims to lessen the wastage of fuels in traffic road and increase the movement of vehicles by optimize the time delay of the car stay in traffic road, wherein the problem of air pollution will directly be reduced through the decrease of emission of vehicles.

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