Pollution, Traffic, Old People Assignment

Pollution, Traffic, Old People Assignment Words: 538

All countries face certain problems. Our country also will have to face certain problems. The main problems my country will have to face in the next ten years are care of the aged, traffic congestion and pollution. Government with the help of people can introduce some long term measures to solve these problems. The income of the people, their education, standard of living and medical facilities have been improving considerably and hence life expectancy has increased. Statistics show that 40% of our people are above 60. In the next ten years it will be more than 60%. In most of the families they are considered burden and liability.

In many families they are alone with nobody to take care of them. Many of them have money but no one to listen to them and no one to care them means they have to lead a pathetic life. Another serious problem we have to face is traffic congestion. As the income increases, people prefer to have their own vehicle. Industrial revolution and liberal policies of government has led to the flourish of many big industries. Thus a variety of vehicles at cheap rates are available in the market. Many financial institutions have introduced many liberal and attractive loan schemes to arrest these vehicles.

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Consequently most of the people these days have their own vehicle. But infrastructure has not kept pace with the increasing number of vehicles. Our road systems were planned considering the traffic of sass. The road system can in no way accommodate the present traffic and one owners how it would meet the demands of the next decade. An important consequence fifths will be pollution. Streets will always be full with vehicles. One can never reach his destination in time. Diseases caused by air pollution will be common. People will have to use mask always.

Many resinous lives will be lost because of accidents. It will affect our climate. The carbon monoxide will come down to earth with the downpour and all our drinking water resources will become contaminated. To add to this depressing scenario would be problems like care of the aged and traffic congestion. Our senior citizens who spend their younger age for the care and upbringing of their children and country will have to spend their later life in old age homes where they will be at the mercy of the wardens. During the prime of their life, they worked hard for their family and for their country.

Now everybody considers them as a liability so it is the duty of the country to cater to their well being and the Government has to find out resources and means to look after them. To sum up, the main problems my country will have to face in the next ten years are pollution, traffic congestion and care Of Old people. It will really be a headache to the nation but there is no other way but to find out a solution to these problems. If the government can foresee the problems and appoint a committee of experts and according to their suggestions implement some long term strategies, these problems can be solved effectively.

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