Rubbish: Pollution and Conscious Preserver Assignment

Rubbish: Pollution and Conscious Preserver Assignment Words: 312

Many people say that we have developed into a ‘throw-away society’, because we are filling up our environment with so many plastic bags and rubbish that we cannot fully dispose of. To what degree do you agree with this opinion and what measures can you recommend to reduce this problem. Today, it is a widespread belief that the rubbish a household can produce is much more than a few years ago. Consequently, it has led to an abundance of environmental problems, such as air pollution, and tap water contaminated by waste dumped in rivers.

From my perspective, I fully agree with this Statement and this essay is intended to explore the causes of this issue as well as giving some viable solutions. The major cause of this issue is the quickening tempo of modern lifestyle, which is due to the fact that people find it more convenient to eat take away foods rather than cooking by themselves. Unfortunately, lack of adequate facilities to dispose rubbish of all kind has deteriorated this issue. A point at this is Taiwan is well known for a dirty city, where not only litter bins cannot easily be seen on the street, but also a lot of garbage is dumped along with the street.

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In addition, people show appalling disregard for preserving environment. The obvious case for this is when disposable dishware and cutlery appear on the street, but no one wants to pick them up. In order to solve this thorny problem, I think the government should raise the awareness among citizens, and make sure that every of them is a conscious preserver. This can be done by means of establishing anti-littering laws backed by hefty fines and efficiently enforcing to combat infringements, including spitting gum, throwing garbage on the street, even industrial water dumped into rivers.

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