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In the dental field for a couple of years as a dental assistant, I have come to conclusion that there are many types of dental products, for patients to use for oral healthcare of their teeth. Some of these products are considered to be DAD seal of acceptance and are marked with the logo. In order for dental products to be DAD sealed they have to go through a set of guidelines. The guidelines are on the website and must be used properly In order for a product to be considered an DAD product.

As stated by the American Dental Association: In evaluating products for the DAD Seal of Acceptance, the Council on Scientific Affairs determines whether the product complies with its Guidelines for Participation in the Dad’s Seal of Acceptance Program and the applicable DAD Acceptance Program Product Guidelines. These guidelines describe the clinical, biological, and laboratory studies necessary to evaluate safety and effectiveness. They are subject to revision and may be updated at any time (2011, Para. L). Toothbrushes are a big deal when It comes to having a great oral hygiene.

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Toothbrushes need to have soft bristles, have an easy grip to handle and, they have to be durable. While on my search on toothbrushes I found five manual toothbrushes that caught my eye at Walgreen. I located the toothbrush my dentist recommends, which Is the Colgate 360 full head toothbrush, It comes with a unique cheek and tongue cleaner. The box also states that it helps remove over 96% more bacteria than normal manual toothbrushes. The cheapest manual toothbrush I discovered was the Clean Idea Scabrous toothbrush according to the description of this toothbrush it is made from locally sourced, renewable crops.

Another manual toothbrush I found was the oral-B Advantage D white Blvd toothbrush, as specified on the package this toothbrush works with toothpaste to whiten teeth by polishing away surface stains. The toothbrush that astonished me the most was the Soft Sensed Prenames Toothbrush. The Sensed Prenames toothbrush is aimed to help protect tooth enamel and Is specially designed for people with sensitive teeth. The final manual toothbrush that stood out to me was the Aftercare toothbrush, according to the packaging the handle is made from 100% biodegradable and recycled materials.

The Vitae toothbrush has the finest nylon bristles and, it has an angled handle to help brush hard to reach areas. Three electronic toothbrushes that I found were the Philips Sincere Demoniacal, Oral-B Pulsar D White Advanced Vivid toothbrush, and the Arm & Hammer Spicebush Pro Clean Sonic toothbrush. The Philips Sincere toothbrush Improves gums health In only two weeks by reducing Inflammation and bleeding. The Philips Sincere also lifts away stains to whiten teeth in just one week according to the box.

The Oral-B toothbrush has vibrating bristles that vibrates and polishes away stains on teeth and between teeth. The arm and hammer toothbrush is supposed to have a micro-sweeping technology that has 16,000 precision micro-sweeps per minute. Helps clean your teeth and promotes healthy gums. Wendell In my search Tort interlaces I Tuna Tour Nat I t nave never crossover In teen market. The first one was Posted Complete Care according to the package it is an all American toothpaste and it contains enamel-strengthening fluoride for effective cavity protection.

The active ingredient for the Episodes toothpaste was sodium fluoride with 0. 24%. The second toothpaste was the Rembrandt Intense Stain Whitening toothpaste this one stood out to me the most because it states that removes stain and restores enamel. The active ingredient for the Rembrandt toothpaste was the Sodium Fluoride 0. 243%. The third toothpaste was the Theatres Fresh Breath toothpaste this dentifrices states on the box that it works instantly on bad breath. The Theatres toothpaste also states that it controls dry mouth symptoms with aloe Vera for healthy gums.

An active ingredient for the Theatres toothpaste was Sodium Fluoride 0. 24%. The fourth was the DAD approved toothpaste Loosens Naturally Soothing Fluoride Toothpaste. This dentifrice states that it is anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste and is recommended by dentist. The Active Ingredients in the Loosens toothpaste was the Sodium Fluoride. 25% While at Walgreen I also noticed how many variations of dental flosses they carry the three that I found were Johnson & Johnson Reach floss, Plackets Micro Mint floss, and the Glide Pro-Health Comfortable Plus Floss.

The Johnson & Johnson Reach floss is a waxed floss that is great for tight contacts between teeth this floss also has a hint of mint so you can always have a fresh taste after each use. The Plackets floss says that it is very strong floss that it will not shred or break. The Plackets floss can be used in tight contacts as well because it is a waxed floss. The Glide Pro-Health floss tastes on the package that it flosses fifty percent better in tight contacts than any other flosses and it also says that doctors recommend that brand.

Entertained cleaners were something else that became very interesting to me while at Walgreen. Some of the ones I found were the Airbrush Tongue Cleaner this entertained cleaner state that it helps kill bad breath. The next entertained cleaner that I found was the G-U-M Prosperous Go-Between System this proxy brush comes with different shaped brushes. These brushes are attached to a handle and are used depending on the contact area. It also says that the triangular shaped bristles move up to 25% more plaque on the G-U-M Prosperous.

The last entertained cleaner I found was the Waterier Ultra Water Flosses. This entertained cleaner says that it can clean deeper than ordinary floss and it removes 99% of plaque from treated areas. This waterier is also good to be used for people with braces or bridgework. Three mouth rinses I found were Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Antagonistic Rinse , Listener Antiseptic Mouthwash, and Crest Pro-Health Complete Nativity Fluoride Rinse. The Natural Dentist rinse states that it reduces and prevents bleeding and it protects against gingivitis.

The Natural Dentist Healthy Gum rinse contains Aloe Vera (Aloe Brandeis) Leaf Contradistinguish/Antiquate as the active ingredient. The most common mouth rinse out in the market was the Listener on the bottle it says that it gives you 24-hour protection and is an DAD approved mouth rinse. Active ingredients are Etymology. 064%, Eucalypti. 092%, Methyl Socialite. 060%, Menthol. 042%. The latest rinse I found was the Crest Pro Health complete Relies It says a TN t tens rinse contains Toulouse Ana Is alcohol Tree. Nine active ingredients in the Pro Health Complete rinse were Sodium Fluoride – 0. 19 %. The next item that was on my list that I viewed for at Walgreen was dental products that contained jollity. Jollity is a alcohol sugar that helps fight cavities and prevents decay. At first the one thing I could think about was chewing gum, but I came to realize that they had a few other products that contained this ingredient. The first two items I located were chewing gum that were both DAD approved. They were Orbit and Trident chewing gum both with original mint flavor. Both chewing gums expressed that they help against cavities and that they are 40% fewer calories Han sugared gum.

I third product I found was Radius Floss Sachets, it has a hint of mint and it states that it contains natural jollity. The fourth item I found was Bitten dry mouth gum. This Bitten gum helps reduce odor-causing bacteria and helps reduce dry mouth and contains jollity. The last and fifth product I found was Bitten PUB Dry Mouth Mouthwash. This Bitten mouthwash is an alcohol free mouthwash it also states that it loosens plaque billion and it is naturally sweeten with jollity. While conducting my research I have observed that there are many products out here for all kinds of oral issues.

Now as a dental professional I should note some of these products incase my patients start questioning me or would like recommendations on product that would suite them the most. It is almost a whole aisle worth of dental products out there that can be used to help prevent gum disease. Many people do not know about all the great products they are missing out on, so with my help I can point them out to the correct direction.

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