Marketing Environment Assignment

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It Was the first ever to be accepted by the American Dental Association. The mission statement of Crest is to : . ” . Provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s consumers. “(retrieved from www. Crest. Com) Sensory promos to relieve sensitive teeth by building a protective barrier that blocks he pain cause by hot, cold, sweet acidic and other contact triggers. “(retrieved from www. Sodden. Com) The third toothpaste is Aquifers The slogan for Aquifers is “three in one protection for your family”.

The three protection aquifers apparently offers is : good breath, teeth strengthening with fluoride, and fight cavities. (retrieved from www. Aquifers. Com) Even though products keep improving and the companies keep developing new brands it the marketing environment determines how the product will sell. The marketing environment is divided in too macro-and into a micromanagement. Elf there are changes in these environments the companies need to adjust their marketing concepts accordingly.

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Every country has a certain demographic environment, these are split into certain target groups, adjusted to these target groups for example the baby boomers, the Generation X and the Millennial, companies have to change their campaigns to attract the certain consumer range they are aiming for. For example : In recent years the marketing environment has changed and many people emphasize more echo-friendly and biological products. Many consumers are more aware of the chemical/toxic-levels their desired product contains. Many companies constantly adjust their products to the consumer commands to make it more tempting for them to buy the product.

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