Pollution Solution Script Assignment

Pollution Solution Script Assignment Words: 533

The sun naturally produces ozone with immense energy and over time. To do the same, we will be looking at using immense energy too. The only way to do that is to remove the excess chlorine and bromine from the stratosphere.

And the only way to do that IS to stop making CIFS and several other chemicals. Again, candidate #2, miss Toni rose slogging. Candidate #3, candidate #3 is miss She represents the water. In her own words in Dealing with water pollution is something that everyone needs to get involved with. Learning about the issue is the greatest and most important step to take. According to her, Never throw rubbish away anyhow. Always look for the correct waste bin. Use water wisely. Do not throw chemicals, oils, paints and medicines down the sink drain, or the toilet.

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In this case, you can lessen the pollution in water. Again, candidate #3, miss Candidate #4, candidate #4 is miss Beatrice Rosa. She represents the air. She believes that,Solution efforts on pollution is always a big problem. This is why reversion interventions are always a better way of controlling air pollution. This is because lots of fossil fuels are burned to generate electricity, and so if we can cut down the use, we will also cut down the amount of pollution we create. For her the best solution of air pollution is to use everything wisely.

Candidate #5, candidate #5 is miss daisy knoll. She represents the nature, she wants to help others in preventing the pollution by the help of the plants. She agreed that the best way to do is to plant more trees because it can help to balance the gases in the atmosphere. And also, it can prevent flash floods hen it is raining. And gives us fresh air with a little shade when it is sunny day. Again, candidate #5, miss daisy knoll. And last but not the least, Candidate # 6, candidate #6 is miss She represents the ocean.

She believes that if you are aware you can also take a part to do something. Be part of competitions, organizations and societies that aim to preserve and defend natural resources including water. And she also said, that do not be afraid to tell someone who has a power when you see a fisherman using illegal deeds. In that small way, you can save a lives. Again, the gorgeous candidates with their dresses. 5. My husband’s lover . B. Philippians These candidates does not have only beauty but they are also intelligent enough to answer the judge’s question.

Candidates, when you hear this sound (beep) it means your time is up. Candidate # plus choose to this envelope and Will read your chosen one. And to clarify something, your answer will be rank 1-10 by our respectful judges (tattoo mega judge) k here’s our question… (sound sound an) (bigamy Eng judge nag total rank Eng candidates Kay Iodine) k, here it is. In this envelope is the 1st runner of B. Philippians and the title B. Philippians. k ladies, when I call our name plus step forward and go to the sight corner of this stage.

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