Pollution of Hussain Sagar Lake Assignment

Pollution of Hussain Sagar Lake Assignment Words: 254

But, if you get to know owe people regard it, you will be left astonished. The ‘lord’ always comes first. But, we must also think about protecting nature, which is also a wonderful gift of god. Yes, think you must have understood. I am speaking about the day of Genera’s idol immersion. The chemicals, which the sculptors use for shaping the beautiful idols are harmful. The lovely color paints used to decorate these idols are even worse.

Many concerned people are fighting against the purchase of these idols made UT of toxic substances. But some educated people do not think about this, not even for a moment! The immersion turns the lake poisonous. But no one is bothered. We are not against the rituals or traditions. We are just saying that immersion of these toxic idols can be dangerous. Instead of using the toxic idols people can use Shanghais made from the natural clay. The immersion of these clay Shanghais is much healthier to the environment.

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While committing such acts, people should give some thought to the well being of the future generations. The other reason for the lake’s terrible condition is its multi usage by the people living in the nearby slums. They are uneducated and this may be considered as an excuse for their misuse of the lake. These people use this water for cleaning the buffaloes, washing clothes, urinating and other discharges, besides bathing and all other activities, which pollute the lake.

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