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This report includes all the necessary and required details which make this project useful and advantageous for learners. Further will look forward to when this report will be marked and checked. Thank you for the opportunity for letting me participate in this process. Yours very truly, EX. Table of Contents Executive Summary: 3 Introduction: 4 Assumptions and Methods: 5 Project Scope: 6 Limitations: 6 Background Problem: 6

Survey Information: 7 Participants: 7 Data Collection Technique: 8 Conclusion and Recommendations: Recommendations: 18 References: 18 Appendix: 19 17 * Executive Summary: Traffic congestion is becoming a serious problem for metropolitan cities around the world. ABA Dhabi is also one of those cities which face serious problems of traffic congestion. There are various reasons associated with it. ABA Dhabi has attracted people from all around the world due to its immense attractive investment opportunities. Due to increase in the population and increased purchasing power of the people traffic congestion has arrived as a errors problem.

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Because the roads which already exist are becoming short enough to accommodate such a huge traffic. This has consequences as people have to wait in long lines and have to face bumper to bumper traffic. This causes more time and fuel cost. Collectively it has added to the increased stress level and tremendous fatigue as people face traffic jam before going to their work places and also on their way back. This research process is aimed to find out the reasons for traffic congestion. For this different research tools and techniques have been used.

Questionnaire is especially designed to elect data from 40 respondents from different walks of life to ensure quality results. This is done as the general public is directly affected from this problem. This research is conducted within the ABA Dhabi city. Reasons and steps taken by the government are discussed in detail in the project. In the end conclusion and recommendations have been given which can be helpful in Boat inning sol cautions to the discussed problem. * Intro action: With the increasing population and tech analogical advancements, humans are now able to enjoy different facilities which were no longer present in the past time.

Transportation vehicles are also one of them. Due to the technological and economical advancements, people are now becoming more aware and want to enjoy every facility of life. Due the immense increase in population, roads are now covered and congested with fast moving vehicles. Metropolitan cities are facing a direct effect of this problem as the ratio of economic activity is high in these areas as compared to other cities. ABA Dhabi is also one of those cities which have attracted people from all over the world due to its attractive opportunities. With the increase in population ABA Dhabi now faces a serious problem of traffic congestion.

According to the latest survey conducted by Sulfates. Com, ABA Dhabi is the official most congested city in the Middle East. This detailed survey was conducted just before the launch of ABA Dhabi new road toll system (Salk). According to its results professionals spend 48 minutes each day to and from their workplaces. This is a huge time figure. This journey is especially a problem for people of neighboring residences like Share and Dublin. According to the surveys results people are becoming more aware of this problem now as it is increasing stress and fatigue among the people. (Sulfates. Com, 2007)

Purpose of our project is to find the reasons of traffic congestion in ABA Dhabi. The idea is to suggest different methods and techniques to overcome this problem on the basis of our findings. These findings are derived on the basis Of the detailed and quality research done on the subject. * Assumptions and Methods: As traffic congestion in ABA Dhabi has emerged as a serious problem, so I have conducted a research using different sources to find out reasons for this problem and then have provided recommendations to it. These sources include secondary and primary sources, Secondary research sources:

Secondary sources include the previous work done by different authors and researchers on the concerned subject. Secondary sources include books, articles, journal, website and magazines. This provided us the thorough information about the topic of the research and problem background. Primary research sources: Primary research includes the new data collected by the researcher and this type of data is not available before. Our primary research data sources included a questionnaire which comprised of ID questions. The sample size selected was of 40 respondents. This questionnaire was filled by respondents throughout the city.

This helped in analyzing the views of the respondents that what do they think about the traffic congestion and what are the possible solutions to the problem. Both of the data sources helped us in finding the reasons for traffic congestion. It also led to the recommendations by comparing the past studies and the present situation with the help of these finding techniques. * Project Scope: This project is aimed to find and deliver reasons for the traffic congestion in ABA Dhabi and to provide recommendations for this problem with the help of qualitative and quantitative finding techniques. * Limitations:

The current research had a few limitations in it. The most unavoidable limitation of the study was the limited time and limited resources to conduct the research in a more detailed manner. The research was conducted in ABA Dhabi with a small sample for research. Moreover for such kind of researches, results are more precise and accurate when a large sample of population is selected; this was a major limitation in this study. Background Problem: As discussed earlier increase in human population and technological advancements have changed the whole physical appearance of the world. Now roads are covered with fast moving vehicles.

As the numbers of vehicles are increasing day by day and the numbers of roads are approximately the same or they are not increasing with the same speed as that of vehicles; hence this problem led to traffic congestion. This has become a serious problem for countries like ABA Dhabi where a lot of fuel and energy is wasted on the roads. The reasons are obvious. According to the roads and traffic authority the reasons for traffic congestion is due to the increase in the number of vehicles on the roads. According to Aimed Barony CEO of licensing department of RAT said there are over 1. 7 million vehicles suggested in ABA Dhabi. Moreover he said “The main cause Of the traffic jam could be the increase in the number of vehicles; around 20,000 vehicles have been newly registered in ABA Dhabi this year. We cannot suggest that this number is from ABA Dhabi only, because many people living in ABA Dhabi have their cars registered in Dublin, Share or Jam. But the number, for sure, is more,” The authorities cannot do much about the problem as they cannot stop any person to have a car as every person has the right to own a car in ABA Dhabi.

ABA Dhabi is still in the process of developing. About this tuition he said “We cannot force citizens and residents to own only one car or two, it’s their business to buy as many as they want. Other countries around the world might ask citizens to own a single vehicle because they’ve got an excellent infrastructure and public transport,” (Mislaid, 2012) Traffic congestion does not only cost fuel and time but also causes accidents. The ratio of the accidents has increased due to this traffic congestion. These accidents also cause traffic congestion.

There are multiple cases which have been monitored on various roads in ABA Dhabi. These accidents are caused uh to many reasons which include over speeding; traffic congestion etc. Traffic congestion is now proving to be a serious problem for ABA Dhabi as it causes serious damage. (Aimed, 2013). As discussed increasing population is one Of the main reasons for traffic congestion in ABA Dhabi. But this problem does not stay at this point and it seems to get more serious with the passage of time. The high population rate in ABA Dhabi is due to the attractive investment opportunities here.

Other than that other facilities such as accommodations over here are also one of the reasons for this. All these seasons have collectively participated in the traffic congestion in ABA Dhabi. This population includes locals, workers from the other parts and tourists. (Bad, 2012). Despite all these problems the steps taken are satisfactory. There are many steps that have been taken by the government in this regard. Middle East as a whole is focusing more on the public transport. Focus is being implemented more on the public transport.

RAT is now focusing more on introducing fleet buses into the ALGAE including ABA Dhabi especially for women. These steps are in their introductory phases. A lot of residents still implant that the public transport system in the AAU is still not proper and adequate. Because people face a lot of difficulties in traveling as it involves cost and time both due to this traffic congestion problem in ABA Dhabi pa articulacy and CAE as a whole. (Mohammad A. Food, 2010). * Survey Information: It is very important to carry out a thorough and proper search to reach any kind of conclusion and results.

It is also very important that the source of information is authentic and precise as well. For this research it was decided that a survey would be conducted on the basis of questionnaires from the respondents within ABA Dhabi. As already discussed primary data sources were used for the purpose of data collection. * Participants: As the direct effecter’s of traffic congestion are general public hence for this research project general public respondents have been chosen for the data collection. These participants belonged to various fields and categories of life depending upon their profession and age.

These participants were selected as they would be able to give their actual feedback on the basis of their personal experiences and sufferings. * Data Collection Technique: Primary data: Primary data is that data which is in raw form means which has to be elected according to the research conducted and this data could be collected through surveys, interviews, questionnaires, observations and focus groups (McDaniel and gates 2003). For the current study, questionnaires are the main source of primary data because a questionnaire is regarded as an attractive way of collecting information (Chasm, 1991).

A specific questionnaire was designed based on 1 0 questions. These questions were especially designed in order to get the maximum required information from the respondents. A sample size of 40 respondents was selected from which data was gathered. After the process of data collection the results were compiled and its analysis was done. Data collection: As the research focuses on the traffic congestion in ABA Dhabi so the respondents were selected from this same place and the data was collected from them. These include general public and also pedestrians.

The variation in the respondents is kept to know the collective influence of traffic congestion on very individual. This would help us in measuring the effect of this problem on the individual level and the general public as a whole. This variation includes car drivers, pedestrians and other individuals. The exponents belonged to different professions and they all suffer from traffic congestion in different manners and intensity. Results: As discussed already that the main data source for data collection was questionnaires. The results obtained from these questionnaires are explained with the help of graphs below.

The results helped us in achieving the conclusion. Following are the results Of the data collected shown with the help of graphs and charts Question 1: The first question asked from the respondents was: ‘Every time you reach late is it because of traffic? ‘ The results are shown in the graph 1 below. It is clear room the results that more than 80% of the respondents said yes to the question and the rest of the 15 % said no to the question. From the question 1 it is clear that majority of the people get late from their work due to traffic congestion problem.

Graph 1 Question 2: The second question asked was: ‘Would you prefer going on a public transportation instead of your own car? Response to this question is explained in the graph 2 below. More than 70% of the respondents said yes to the question and rest of the respondents said no to the question. This question was asked in order to know that how much percentage of public use heir own vehicles and how many are directly affected by the traffic Question 3: Third question asked was: ‘Do you ever get late when you are stuck in traffic? ‘ Results of these questions are explained with the help of chart 3 below.

More than 60% of the respondents said yes to the questions, 25% said no to the question and rest of the 13% said never. The results from this question indicate that majority of the people get late due to the traffic congestion problem. Question 4: Fourth question asked was: ‘Do you think that increase in population affects traffic congestion? ‘ The results of these questions were also expected. Its results are shown in the chart 4 below. More than 90% of the respondents said that increasing population is one of the main reasons for traffic congestion while minority said that population increase is not the reason for traffic congestion.

Question 5: Fifth question asked was: ‘Does traffic have risk? ‘ Results are shown in the chart 5 below. More than 95% of the respondents said that traffic congestion has risks associated with it. Very minor percentage of people said no to this question. The results showed that majority of the people think that traffic congestion has risks associated with it whereas very minor said that it has no risks associated with it. Emissions from vehicles lower the quality of air people breath and cause premature deaths. These emissions prove to be harmful for people on the road and near the road.

Fumes discharged from the traffic directed prove to harmful for heart, lungs and may also harm brain cells decreasing the synapses of learning and memory. Traffics cause 1/1 20th of worlds air pollution according to stats, based on this drivers suffer chronic breathing problems. Traffic also causes stress and changes in decision-making power. According to studies conducted y scientists, children affected by exhausts of traffic show poor IQ level, are easily depressed and become attention-seekers. (HOT, 2011 ) Question 6: The next question asked was: ‘during the period of traffic congestion do you feel bored?

The results are depicted in the chart 6 below. 92 % of the respondents said yes to this question and 8% said no in reply to this question. It is clear from the results that majority of the people feel bored during traffic congestion which results in stress and fatigue. Question 7: The next question asked was: ‘What do you think is the main problem associated with traffic congestion? The results are depicted in the chart 7 below. 57% of the respondents said increasing population accounts for the main reason for traffic congestion. 30% of the respondents said limited roads are the reason for traffic congestion.

Whereas rest of the 13% said improper planning is the reason for traffic congestion. There were different opinions and thus the results obtained are also different in nature. Question 8: The next question asked was: What time do you see most traffic congestion? Results are shown in the chart 8 below. Results state that 47% said that they face traffic congestion more in the morning. 3% of the respondents said that they suffer more from it in the evening -whereas 10 % said that they feel more traffic congestion is at the time of night.

Question 9: Next question asked was that ‘In which year you think the traffic congestion began in AAU? Majority of the respondents said that they do not know exactly but still some people said that it started a long ago however it became serious in the last decade only. Others said that it started 20 years ago. Rest of the respondents said that they do not know about it exactly and have no idea. Question 10: Last question asked was: What do you suggest to improve the roads? Results f this question were not frequent as it was an open ended question.

But on the basis of collective results it can be concluded that majority of the respondents said that more planning is needed by the government and new roads should be made. * Conclusion and Recommendations: On the basis of such comprehensive research conducted, we are now able to reach at the conclusion and recommendations part. As the purpose of the whole research conducted was to find out the results and recommendation. On the basis of the research conducted it can be concluded that traffic congestion is becoming a serious problem for big metropolitan cities like ABA Dhabi.

There are various reasons for traffic congestion. One of the biggest reasons is the increasing population. Due to the increasing population and attractive investment prospects, other opportunities are making people to move towards ABA Dhabi. Thus due to the increase in population traffic congestion is becoming a major problem. Other than that there are limited roads and lack of public transports due to which people are suffering a lot as they have to spend more time on the roads before and after the work. This has resulted in the stress and fatigue for the people. * Recommendations:

On the basis of this research conducted I am now able to give final recommendations for this problem. * There is a huge population that is moving towards the City which is resulting in traffic congestion. Therefore proper planning is needed to accommodate those migrants to the city. The roads are limited so new and alternative roads can be made as the present roads cannot hold this much traffic. * Public transport is not so efficient in ABA Dhabi; to overcome the traffic congestion problem public transport must be made efficient. The use of public transport must be promoted to avoid traffic congestion on roads.

Government should introduce new plans and strategies and can also go for alternate transportation measures such as railways and busses etc. This would accommodate more passengers and will definitely help in decreasing traffic congestion. * ABA Dhabi government is already thinking on measures such as keeping one car only. This would also help if it is implemented well enough. As it will decrease traffic congestion If all these measures are taken then surely this problem of traffic congestion can be overcome. This is causing serious problems for the people such as stress, fatigue and other health problems.

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