Pollution in Drinking Water Assignment

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In our world today we have to have laws in place to keep our drinking water safe for us to drink. We have a Safe Drinking Water Act to help to protect our water. It has been in place since 1974 by the Congress and is there to protect our health from our drinking water. This law has been amended twice; the first time was in 1 986 then again in 1996. These amendments required several actions that protected the sources of drinking water.

Some major wreaths to or drinking water are such as chemicals, animal and human waste, pesticides just to name a few. We have as many as 1 60,000 public water systems that provide the water to a lot of Americans. Some of the ways that EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has put in place to help keep the water safe for us to drink is limiting the levels of specific contaminant down to legal limits. By doing this keeps it safe for us to drink. There are testing schedules and methods that the companies have to follow.

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The USDA has also put have put into effect some acceptable ways for treating contaminated water. They also give each state the chance to set their own standards for drinking water. I understand that it can be hard to keep the companies in line and get them to follow the rules and regulations but something I think would be an effective idea is to put a group (2 or maybe 3) of EPA agents at the water treatment and chemical plants. If we get the agent out of the office and into the area of where the problems are then we might be able to get the cost f the time and process down.

This way any issues can be caught at the source. I think it could also cut down on cost because it would be able to keep the companies running and keep the companies on the right track. The consequences from doing this would be cost effective. The reason is because there would be someone there that can stop things before they ever start.

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