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As a law people should be more considerate of their surroundings and try harder to preserve the world we live in, even if it is inconvenient to us. Because if we don’t save ourselves, who will? The effects we could do to save our planet from pollution could be proactive, instead Of catastrophic and disastrous. Everyone benefits when we have clean water, air, land, etc. Not just one thing. For example, you never hear any news on the TV, or over the internet talking about how a person passed away from clean air overdose, that would be crazy.

Instead we hear news like, man died from pollution, family living in home pollution, water sets show pollution particles, the list could go on forever. By identifying the problem early, we can start to reverse the pollution process. Therefore, we can take what we have now and set new standards and laws that can help us from killing ourselves in the long run and putting the earth in a more clean state. The problem is, not everyone agrees with the fact that pollution is hurting us right now, or going to hurt us, and new generations to come.

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People get this information from insignificant and false sources and then bread that information to others that will willingly listen, without objection. This statement misses the point though; the fact is people are trying to help us now. And even though we might not feel the negative effects, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening to us right now. Some places have higher levels of pollution in their air and water and those people might be in more danger than others, and they might not even know it.

For this reason one person cannot do this by themselves, it needs worldwide effort, from everyone. People need to stop being lazy and do omitting for themselves, and others. Also people need to start thinking about the future, and not just the year that’s going on right now. To meet these high demands of labor and cost, think people should be required to carpool with other people a few times a week, or stop using girl products like hairspray and other cans of manmade chemicals and Cuff’s that deplete the ozone layer and cause minor but significant pollution.

If people really did try to change something small they do every day, and everyone did it, think of owe much good change could happen. And never think just because something’s small, it won’t hurt “As much” because its people like that who chose the worst decisions. Also I’m sure for most objects, or personal hygiene products wouldn’t have a problem changing a few chemicals in their product to make it more people and planet friendly. There have been so many companies and organizations that have helped the earth and have reduced the amount of toxins we use.

People everyday try to come up with new ideas, ND strategies to get us where we need to go, and what we need to do, without the harmful effects of chemicals and toxins. So as iv stated many times in this essay, one little person can make a huge difference, but not only one person can do it alone. We all need to try to help to save our environment from pollution for ourselves, and for future generations. And just think, if everyone changed something in their daily routine to make it more planet friendly, how that could turn out to help all of us in the long run.

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