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These days, people are growing up surrounded by media portrayals of the perfect face and body It’s in the advertisements, on television, movies and just about everywhere. Presently, society has frame set the picture of women’s beauty along with a pretty face, perfect skin, and slender frame as a rail thin super model.

However, nobody’s perfect, and that is just a fact: not everyone is blessed with perfect face such as nice jaw line, cute nose and right round eyes as well as perfect body such as perky breasts, long-skinny leg flat tummy and more. Furthermore, with all these figures Of beauty projected all over, people are convinced to believe that to be beautiful, one must look identical. For this reason, every year there are millions of male and female that not happy with their current appearance and body undergo plastic surgery.

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Modern plastic surgeons are capable to change or “fix” a lot of unwanted problem areas and alter almost any aspect of physical appearance desired. There are a lot of choices out there, from facial features to body shape. For example face lifts. Eye lifts. Nose job. Breast augmentation. Liposuction, Tummy ruckus and others more. Plastic surgery is not new although popularity has dramatically increasing in the past few years. In fact, great majority of people need not have cosmetic surgery, but because society has made out the perfect model and everyone is trying to be just like that.

Before undergoing any of plastic surgery. There are some pros and cons of plastic surgery that people need to beware of. Moreover, plastic surgery is not a good decision, because it is surgery after all, there is always the possibility hat complications can rise. There are three major pros that have millions Of male and female fascinated With plastic Surgery. And these three major pros are building ones self-esteem, help improve health issues, and fastest way to received dramatic results. One of the greatest pro of plastic surgery is that it can build self-esteem and confidence.

People have low self-esteem because Of their physical appearance are tends to find more confidence and improved higher self-esteem after the surgery made. Further than that, this makes it much easier for people to interact With Others socially if they were actors, and so surgery is mandatory to have. In particular, some women with very large breasts experience excruciating back pain that a breast reduction can eliminate or reduce significantly. Also, a nose job can potentially reduce sinus infections, and the removal or breast tissue in men can lower the risk of cancer in that tissue.

Besides that, liposuction can help to remove stubborn fat deposits that can’t seem to shed with any amount Of diet or excise. Through plastic surgery, these health problems get to mitigate and be healthier. Lastly, received tangible result in a remarkably short time is a evidentially pro Of plastic surgery. Lazy people desire to improve their appearance disadvantages or change all over in a fastest and convenient way. And plastic surgery do meets the people needs and desires.

For example, lazy people who are extremely unhappy about their current body but lazy to work out or have no determination to go through a tough period of diet, Liposuction is the only quickest method to get rid Of fat and help reshapes the natural contours of the body compared diet and exercise. As Liposuction is a useful plastic surgery that can remove those last few tubbier fat deposits that people can’t seem to shed With any amount Of diet or hardcore exercise. After the surgery, people get What they want, and this dramatic result makes people to be happier than they’ve ever dreamed possible.

There are three major cons that people have to know. ‘. ‘ about before considering to do plastic surgery. There are no results guarantee, expensive cost, and potential of complications. First of all. There are no surefire ways to guarantee the people the results after surgery. Sororities plastic surgery doesn’t turn out the results the patient desires. This is often a robber with the unrealistic expectations such as to look exactly like the Hollywood star or Victoria Secret super hot model. Instead of the skill of the surgeon hence patients end up disappointed once results come out normal.

According on the procedure patients considering plastic surgeries are sometimes invasive and painful. Besides that, final results may not even be evident for a year and recovery can take from one day to fen months. The second con of plastic surgery is the expensive cost that not everyone able to afford. Also, plastic surgery is generally not covered by medical insurance. Furthermore, there may also be a financial loss due to the time taken Off work for after surgery recovery Yet, many people still drawn into the lure, do not care about the price they have to pay, or indebted for a large amount of money just looking beautiful.

The last but least Ron side Of plastic surgery is it associated with potential complications. Plastic surgery is still surgery and should be taken lightly. The potential for complications exists, just as for any other operation. Chronic pain is one of the most significant drawbacks to plastic surgery. Other than min. S with any type of surgical procedure, complications that can occur when a Polyphosphate is performed Plastic surgery is definitely not the right way to be beautiful.

Although physical beauty is something people appreciate and strive for, however plastic surgery is absolutely not the right decision to undergo. Although the technological advancements of today seem to have improved the skill of surgeon, however, no risk free in any surgery. Despite the fact that plastic surgery has a low rate of adverse complications. Thus, there are many cases of cosmetic procedure complaints. Below is the true case study happened in Queensland, Health Quality and Complaints Commission, Between I July 2006 and 30 June 2012. E received 245 complaints about cosmetic surgical and medical procedures provided by healthcare practitioners in Queensland. On average, cosmetic procedure complaints accounted for 1% all of the complaints and enquiries we received during this period. The number of complaints about cosmetic surgical and medical procedures remained relatively steady over the Six years, averaging about 40 a year. Over the same period there has been a 13% increase in the total number of complaints and enquiries received, as shown in Graph I. See Graph I) Complaints about cosmetic surgery accounted for 82% Of all cosmetic procedure complaints and remained relatively steady over the period, as shown in Graph 2. There was a notable increase in the number of cosmetic medical complaints, more than doubling from around in 2006-07 to 24% in 2011-12. ( See Graph 2) The high proportion Of cosmetic surgical complaints relative to cosmetic medical complaints is to be expected given the higher risk nature of cosmetic surgeries. Table 2 provides a further breakdown of the type tot cosmetic surgery reported in complaints (n-234).

Breast enhancement, including breast lifts and breast implants, was clearly the most frequent”/ complained about cosmetic surgery procedure (41 followed by: face lift (8%) eye surgery (8%) abdominally, including tummy tucks, protection (7%) breast reduction* (6%) (See Table 2) In conclusion. People should not undergo plastic surgery to seek for appearance beauty. Through all the cons side of plastic surgery mention above. People should really think through the unexpected results after urge, the expensive cost for surgery and the health risks associated.

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