Plastic Surgery: An Ugly Trend Assignment

Plastic Surgery: An Ugly Trend Assignment Words: 487

Many people in different cultures have their different ways of showing true beauty: foot. Ending. SSE jobs, and wearing lipstick. Plastic surgery has been in existence since ancient times but now becoming popular in society today. Television shows promote for people to look better through changing their natural image. They show to better you more with than without plastic surgery. This encourages the audience to cultivate the same image as the people on the screen. Reality shows in general has broaden their popularity on television which has brought popularity to our society making us accustomed to this idea.

Bringing plastic surgery as a popular trend to the world. People now believe that the surgery is not only to beautify you for yourself, but to only make you look beautiful to the public on a more professional level. It’s made its acceptance and to make people believe it kiosk to look better for other people. This messes with one’s mental and intellectual state to know they are not good enough putting appearance over ability, Within the year of 2005, there have been ca. ‘ere II million plastic surgeries performed to Americans.

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Surgeon’s state that plastic surgery boosts one self. Esteem and They want you to believe it is not a big change and to hind about it as re-painting your car or adding more spice to the sauce for extra flavor. Many people buy into the exaggerated lies they tell them which makes them an easy target to feel under achieved in their appearance. Cosmetic and physical surgery can affect a personal emotional state that can lead to physiological issues such as depression because it promotes “unrealistic expectations”.

The media is one of the main factors behind the importance of plastic surgery. They promote to the audience the same five Step routine: Person has no self-esteem and sad, considers surgery, do Celebrities are also another main factor behind plastic surgery, This is exposed to people and make them believe they can perform the same tasks as celebrities to be accepted into the pop culture like them.

Many parents try to change their children image by performing surgery at a young age for them to be accepted by others. Surgery shouldn’t be based on how others perceive If when they should be focused on the inner beauty but people are socialized otherwise. In conclusion, the excessive pride in one’s appearance has shown our society we must be accepted to be successful. They believe more in physical attraction then inner beauty making plastic surgery no longer negative.

In reality, it doesn’t make the patients happier emotionally because they are more focused for people to be happy with their change. This type tot health can cause many dangerous effects and symptoms if gone wrong but many don’t care as long as they look beautiful.

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