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My undergraduate degree is in Geophysical Sciences, which is a mixture of geology, mathematics, physics and chemistry. In the geological part of the degree, we were exposed to various kinds of geology practical skills, such as lab petrology, drawing strongest, reading geological maps, describing rocks and minerals and so much more. Apart from geology, we were taught on how to solve mathematical problems that were relevant to the degree such as modeling environmental processes, physical motions and seismic.

I had the chance to work on the field in Castor, an ancient Roman City in Norfolk as part of my undergraduate degree. I was trained on how to use various types of geophysical equipment. As part of the fieldwork, I worked with an amazing team for the seismic data acquisition, as it was labor intensive. We did the AD seismic data processing and interpretation in the form of geological and geophysical analysis using the AD seismic software. By doing fieldwork, it will help me gain experience and exposure to the real life duties of a scientists that are both very challenging and re also enjoyable.

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I am hoping to experience working in another fieldwork in the near future. One of the academic skills that I have gained from my undergraduate degree is the use of Mutual software for programming. I used Mutual for my undergraduate dissertation to construct a program that produced Cumulative Seismic Moment graphs. With the help of the program, I managed to conclude my research in finding the maximum magnitude of an earthquake in San Andrea Fault, California and also determined the waiting time.

Similarly, I did a Mutual programming project that doodled an environmental process that was the Tsunami. I successfully programmed the shoaling effect and also solved the shallow water wave equation numerically and modeled the tsunami in ID and also AD. I did a number of presentations throughout the degree and I also managed to learn the French language at the beginner’s level that widened my language capabilities as well as my communication skills. I am particularly interested in doing the Master of Science in Applied Environmental Geology, which is offered in Cardiff University.

The programmer is designed to gain a impressive knowledge of the theory and practice of assessing the categorical and gee-environmental perspective of a site. Interested authorities such as the government can then use the assessed information or data to develop solutions for gee-environmental problems. The university has close ties with the industry such as environmental consultancy companies where I could have my industrial placement. This will be a great opportunity for me to do research in the area of environmental consultancy and assessment. Personal Statement Geology By filamentary

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