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Nursing Informatics Western Governors University Increase in Quality of Care Using computerized management systems in this facility would increase quality of care by allowing us to access patient data from any location, view that data in real time, receive auto alerts for new and abnormal results, protect the security of our patients by having user defined access.

As far as the patient care part of it, there would be less risk of medication and transcription errors because of the bar code canning, care plans would be established and on the system so they could be enforced and patient care would be within the patient’s chart. These things would all result in saving time and being more efficient, which would increase quality of care. ( e sec 2010) Active Nursing Involvement As a direct operator of the system that is chosen it is important for the nurse’s opinion to be taken into consideration.

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It would be ideal if there were a demonstration of the system and how it would work so that the nurses can have some input as each user has different needs. It is also a good idea to involve the nurses so that they can feel like they are a part of bringing in the new system and making adjustments; it may make the transition smoother. Handheld Devices Handheld devices would benefit the quality of care in the facility by preventing medication errors, rapid response would increase in that the results from tests run or changes in status would be sent directly to the doctor rather than waiting for them to get to a computer.

Data management and accessibility would also be more streamlined since everything would be at your fingertips at any time. This all helps in quality of care in a facility. (Gouge, Westbrook & Promote, 2009) Security Standards Each user having personal log in names and passwords that are unique to them will maintain security. There will also be different user privileges based on who the user is and what capacity they need to view patient information.

Biometrics are the safest way to maintain safety but also not sharing passwords, remembering to log off when finishing with the computer and having an auto log out time will also help maintain security and patient confidentiality. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HAIFA) requires us to have a data backup plan, a disaster recovery plan, and an emergency mode operation plan.

HAIFA also requires encryption and security and the Intros cloud backup and recovery will record each file that is backed up or restored. (Kibble) Cost These systems are very costly to implement, as the facility must make sure it has all the proper equipment and technology to start. Although a lot of money will be spent adopting the system chosen, the end result will be money saved. There will be paving in that the nurses’ administration time will be less, less adverse drug events, and shortened length of stay. Hillsides) Benefits to Care The benefits of a computerized management system is that the nurses will have less medication errors since the medication is transcribed into the computer and any drug interactions will show thus saving time as well. The medications and treatments will show up when they are due leaving no room for errors, it is done in real time. Documentation will be done on the computer with some automatically generated fields to also save time. All of these things will make nursing care more efficient and make nursing tasks run more smoothly.

The benefits of an EMMER to nursing care delivery is they help to improve the consistency of patient care, the ability to document clinical care of patients, it can make the charting more complete as there would be prompts to follow to be thorough, the most important benefit is that the entire medical record is there in front of you, no searching for papers that may have gone missing or looking for charts that may be being used by someone else, everyone an see the chart at the same time. Rollovers, 2005) Recommendation and Justification The comparison between Meditate and Advanced Data Systems Corporation looks similar in a number of ways, they both have automated lab orders and results, both work on laptops and tablets, both have computer based provider order entry (COPE), patient portal, as well as links to the pharmacy to order, reorder medications and check drug interactions. The reason that meditate would be recommend is that it is a local company so not only supporting local businesses, it meaner that they are close y so training and troubleshooting should not be a problem.

In looking at Meditate vs. Advanced Data Systems Corporation, it seems that Meditate is geared more toward the hospital and not the small practice. Meditate also uses the handheld scanner system, which reassures the right patient and the right medication. Choosing the system that seems more for hospital use will eliminate the need to alter the program to fit the needs of the facility, which will save some money in the implementation. Also, many area hospitals use Meditate so many staff that has irked in other facilities are already familiar with the system.

Having a system that has been used in many other facilities previously meaner that a lot of the “bugs” have been worked out already.

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