Nursing: Hygiene and Environmental Theory Nightingale Assignment

Nursing: Hygiene and Environmental Theory Nightingale Assignment Words: 332

Environmental factors Affecting Health Fresh Air * Fresh air was extremely important for recovery A patient’s room is to be assured with good ventilation of by insisting on open windows. This practice can obviously lead to a chilly room. * Chilly room can hamper the patient’s health . But with proper bed clothes and hot bottles the patient can be kept warm in bed and well ventilated at the same time. * Although ventilation may not seem like an issue in a modern hospital, it apparently was in homes with chamber pots and no indoor plumbing. C] Chamber pots should always be placed with a lid.

A pot without a id could pollute the surrounding air and result to fatal epidemic diseases. Bed and bedding * Bedding that is “well slept in” is unsanitary. Therefore, regular changing, washing and airing out of bedclothes should be done. * A patient’s bed should always be in the lightest spot in the room; and he should be able to see out of window. Communication * Nightingale felt that visitors’ “chattering hopes” and advice were distressing to patients. This included false assurances, ignorant medical suggestions or suggestions that the patient has nothing wrong with him.

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She asserts that patients do like to hear good news from outside, and asks that visitors be more sensitive and empathic about the patients current Light * Light is treated as one of the most essential factor enhancing a patient’s health. * The patient especially needs direct sunlight. * For example: Go into a room where the shutters are always shut and though the room be uninhabited, though the air has never been polluted by the breathing of human beings, you will observe a close, musty smell of corrupt air, of air I. Unverified by the effect of the sun’s rays. Pure water: * The patient should be given pure and clean water. * He/ she may suffer from other epidemic diseases while trying to recover if they are not provided with sanitized water.

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