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Ever since I was a small child, I have been keenly Interested in this field. Now as an adult, I can envision myself stepping Into the role of becoming a nurse. Why? Because It Is In my nature to seek out people needing help and those who know me well describe me as nurturing and caring. Throughout high school and my 2 years of college thus far, I have been credited with being that person younger students looked to for guidance and direction, and it is also part of what I did in my previous major of theater management.

After much soul searching, I realize I am not pursuing my real passion and want to take my career objectives to a new level. I would feel most fulfilled If I was able to learn how to be a nurse and pursue the medical field. It is the only path I see for myself now after trying my hand elsewhere. I have come to the realization that I’m still missing something, and I want to make a difference in people’s real lives, rather than on the stage. I am the oldest child In my family and have been told over and over again that I am ‘precocious’. I myself was born at SST.

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Marry hospital and have been back numerous times to welcome new siblings and cousins. Just over two years ago, I was a frequent visitor to the neonatal care unit, welcoming my new cousin upon his arrival in the world. Prior to his birth my aunt also gave birth to a premature baby and after 4 weeks in the NICE she and my uncle lost him. During these experiences, I both saw and admired first-hand the work of nurses there. I saw their Interaction with the females of other Infants In the unit and was In awe of them, and felt overwhelmed with the desire to work beside them one day.

I believe and trust in each of values put forth by Bon Course. These values match up with values I have been raised with, and which I live by. I most identify with compassion. While I find it incredibly important to strive for excellence of care, I believe that showing compassion for patients and families rounds out the caregivers experience. Lives depend on high medical standard while compassion gives the human touch to soften the clinical side of care. As a nurse I would give my best to patients using all of my professional skills and abilities, but never without compassion.

If anything less is given, then I feel it would fall short of the standards held by Bon Course. I’m Just at the start of this Journey. But my overall vowels for Impacting the field of nursing is becoming very clear to me. I know that I want to go above and beyond what is expected of me. I need to use what I learn to positively impact as many people as I can. I want my abilities to reach far beyond the hospital or the doctor’s office. I want to educate and reach out to my community, my country and my world. Nursing will be the stepping stone in my pursuit to be the change I want to see in

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