Nursing Care Plan Assignment

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Cues Nursing Problem Scientific Reasoning Planning Implementation Evaluation Subjective: >”Nay, Klan pop Toyota iii? ” as verbalized by the patient >”Nag-ay an nag sang mummy. ” as verbalized by the caretaker Objective: >Payment Is silent when hospital staff Is around >Patient does not have eye contact with the hospital staff Fear related to hospitalizing as manifested by alteration in behavior. Hospitalizing is usually perceived as a threat that Is consciously recognized as a danger; and fear is a defensive mechanism in protecting oneself from any sense of threat SOURCE:

Nurse’s Pocket Guide; Doyennes, Morehouse, Muar Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis; Lynda Usual Carpenter-Motet short term goal: >To alleviate patient’s discomfort >To enhance patient’s understanding of why such procedures and treatments are done Long term goal: I OFF >Ascertain patient’s perception of what is occurring and how this affects life Elf fear is left unchecked, can become disabling to the client’s life >Determine patient’s age and developmental level Lollops in understanding usual or typical fears experienced by individuals >Discuss patient’s perceptions and fearful feelings.

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Listen to patient’s concerns Promotes atmosphere of caring and permits explanation or correction of misconceptions >Provide information of verbal and written form.

Speak in simple sentences and concrete terms Facilitates understanding and retention of information >Provide opportunity for questions and answer honestly Enhances sense of trust and nurse-patient relationship >Modify procedures, if possible TOT limit degree of stress, avoid overwhelming a fearful individual >Explain procedures within level of patient’s ability to understand and handle TOT reverent confusion or information overload >Support planning for dealing with reality Assists in identifying areas in which control can be exercised and those in which control is not possible, thus enabling patient to handle fearful situations ‘feelings Standard >Patient shows no sign of fear >Patient verbalizes his comfort towards present and future procedures >Patient shows readiness for possible hospitalizing in the future Criteria >Patient will be able to show and verbalize that his fear of hospitalizing has lessened

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