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She was ambulating with a walker for the last four years. She was able to thrive with minimal assistance in an assisted living home. On August 9, 2014, Mrs.. V was admitted to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre after a fall. The records state that she felt personally upon standing and fell down. She did not hit her head. She denied any chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain. Upon admission, her blood pressure was 241/115, heart rate was 77, oxygen was 94% on room air, and her respirations were 20 breaths per minute.

She was febrile. She had a decreased range of motion at her left knee with tenderness. Two days later, on August 11, she complained of left arm weakness that had increased in severity. On August 12 at 5:30 am, she was noted to have left facial droop and left leg weakness. A small suspicious basal ganglia lacunae stoke was visible on the CT scan. The records state that it was a possible pure motor stroke secondary to the right basal ganglia lacunae recent infarction. In view of her blood pressure upon admission, she was prescribed hydroelectrically and Lollipop.

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She was loaded with 160 MGM of aspirin and added Pluvial to her current treatment. She was transferred to SST. Josephs Hospital on August 25, 2014 for stroke rehabilitation. Secondary to her C.V., Mrs.. V has type II diabetes and is morbidly obese. She has no known allergies and is a full code status. Since she has been a patient at SST. Josephs Hospital, it is evident that she is not able to cope with her situation. She does not have a large family to rely on for support. Her only relative is her sister who lives in Intimidating. She does not communicate with Mrs.. V or visit very often. Medications

Trade Name & Generic Name Frequency Dose Route Class Action Adverse Effects Nursing Implications Calorimeter Canteen BID As needed Topical Antiquating Immediate Used to treat fungal infections on the skin Skin rash, hives, burning, peeling, stinging Clean and dry area prior to application. Gently rub in. Nonagenarian Love Knox ODD 40 MGM/O. 4 ml syringe SC Anticoagulant Antimicrobial agent Prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DTV) and pulmonary embolism Potential the inhibitory effect of antinomian on factor Xa and thrombi Bleeding, bruising, anemia, thermodynamic, Antidote = promotion sulfate

Tell client to use soft-bristled toothbrush. Monitor CB & d-dimmer liver studies. Copeland Minivan 5 MGM Sedative Clamorousness Short term treatment of insomnia Interacts with GAB-receptor complexes Prolonged use >7-10 days may cause dependence Rapid onset. Client needs to go to bed immediately after taking. May cause daytime drowsiness. Doctorate Sodium Solace 100 MGM Laxative Stool softener/adsorbent Prevention of constipation and straining at stool Adsorbent: pull water into stool, increases electrolytes and water secretion into colon Mild cramps, throat irritation, rashes Short-term use only.

Never use with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or fever present. Not a stimulant laxative. Give within 2 hours of other laxatives. Basically Ducal 10 MGM Rectal Soup. Stimulant laxative Treatment of constipation Active components alter water and electrolyte transport in the large intestine, resulting in accumulation of water and t peristalsis Edema, electrolyte abnormalities, diarrhea, cramping Can cause urine to appear pink, red, violet, or brown. Assess client for abdominal distension and presence of bowel function. Arbitrates Vapor 1 50 MGM Interventions Imaginations II receptor antagonist

Management of hypertension, treatment of CHEF in clients who cannot tolerate ACE inhibitors, reduction of stroke risk Block receptors for imaginations II, disabling the rennin-imaginations-lodestone system Renal failure Always take BP prior to giving. Monitor EGG, monitor intake, output, daily weight. Monitor signs of CHEF, monitor LET, RET, CB, K+. Hydroelectrically HCI Diuretic/ethicize diuretic Management of hypertension Treatment of edema associated with CHEF, renal diffusion, cirrhosis t excretion of sodium and water Electrolyte imbalances, confusion, hypertension, muscle pain, seizures Always take BP prior to giving.

Check potassium level (3. 5-5 meg/L). Watch EGG for arrhythmias. Monitor CB (bone marrow suppression), liver function, amylase, and lipase. Coolidge Bisexuals Pluvial 75 MGM Antiparticle agent Platelet aggregation inhibitor Reduction of atherosclerosis events (MI, stroke, vascular death) in clients at risk for such events Affects coagulation (J forefinger) by t blood viscosity GIG bleeding, interruption, thrombosis thermodynamic uproar (extensive microscopic clots form throughout small blood vessels) Monitor bleeding time, CB with differential and platelet count, liver function, lipid panel and uric acid concentrations

Moldiness Anoraks 7. 5 MGM Antinational agent Antilogarithms agent (class ‘V) Interventions agent Calcium channel blocker Treatment of hypertension, angina vectors, Parliament’s angina, arrhythmias Inhibits transport of calcium in the channels through which it gets drained Allows arteries and blood vessels to relax and makes space for better blood flow CHEF, chest pain, peripheral edema, Stevens- Johnson syndrome (epidermal necrosis) Always take BP & pulse prior to giving.

Monitor EGG, 1&0, weight, LET, RET, CB, glucose, K+. Stylistically acid AS Aspirin 1 MGM Antipathetic Non-ovoid analgesic Escalates Treatment of inflammatory disorders (arthritis), mild-moderate pain, fever, prophylaxis of TEAS & MIS Inhibits the production of prostaglandin platelet aggregation t bleeding time, laryngeal edema Take with food. Don’t take with other Unsaid.

Monitor liver & renal function, electrolytes, bleeding time, CB, serum drug levels if using long- term. Meteoroid Glycol 500 MGM Antithetic Beginning Management of type II diabetes (used with diet or insulin or hypoglycemic) hepatic glucose production and intestinal glucose absorption Lactic acidosis (too much lactate in the blood and low blood pH – occurs more frequently with renal insufficiency Take with food. Do not crush or chew.

Transportation Lollipop 40 MGM Lipid-lowering agent HEM-Cocoa reeducate inhibitor Inhibits HEM-Cocoa reeducate, an enzyme responsible for cataloging an early step in the synthesis of cholesterol Used to treat high cholesterol, lower the risk of stroke, MI, angina, and other heart complications in people with type II diabetes, coronary artery disease and other risk factors Irreproachably (breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue leading to kidney failure), incineration edema Avoid drinking rapture Juice.

Evaluate serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels before initiating meds, after 2-4 weeks of therapy, and periodically after. Watch for muscle tenderness. Zinc oxide lee’s paste DID Creams Used to treat minor skin irritation (diaper rash) Clean and dry area prior to application. Fleet enema 1 bottle Saline laxative Relieving occasional constipation or fecal impaction Draw and retain water into the colon to produce a bowel movement within 2-5 minutes Dehydration, rectal bleeding, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting Do not give with any stool softeners. Give at least two hours before bedtime.

Related to: feelings of abandonment, prolonged restricted activity, prolonged isolation, loss of social support, prolonged discomfort, impaired functional abilities, prolonged dependence, long-term stress Manifested by: sobbing uncontrollably, decreased affect, apathy, verbalizes that life has no meaning Data: Goals: Nursing Interventions: Evaluation: Subjective data: Client stated, “Being in this one room all day can really take a toll on a person. I can’t do anything here. ” Client stated, “Nobody cares about me. My sister doesn’t call and you nurses don’t care either. ” Client stated, “Nobody misses me at my home either.

They don’t even notice that I’m gone. ” Client stated, “l really miss my cat. She was the only thing that made me happy. ” Client stated, “I don’t want a bath. I’m Just going to stay in this bed forever. ” Objective data: Feelings of guilt and hopelessness Feeling worthless Seems uninterested in most discussions Emotional outbursts – cries uncontrollably, stops crying and continues on with conversation as quickly as she started Having no family in town, only one sister who lives in Intimidating Suffering from a stroke and the inability to use her left side Loss of independence and

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